[MS:LiveClipboard] In Redmond, Oh How Things They Are A Changin'

by M. David Peterson

This week provided some interesting opportunities for discussion on the LiveClipboard mailing list. While only a small change in the grand scheme of things, what I've just witnessed take place is something I am still in a bit of 'shock' over. But shock like this is something I can handle.

The details of the discussion are not important to this post, as you can access the April 2006 mailing list archive if this interests you (the first topic [0.91 Spec comment: escaped markup is harmful] @ the link provided. Starts with a post from Danny Ayers on Tues, April 4th and moves forward from there. Thanks for getting this conversation started, Danny!) What is important is this:

The community spoke. Redmond listened.

Update: If I would have thought things through just a tiny bit, I would have realized that a CTO of a group headed by Microsofts CTO (Ray Ozzie) didn't really make a whole lot of sense. As such, I have returned the text to appear as it does on the signature of Matts original post as "CTO Concept Development Team" which is the full name of the group. My apologies to the folks as MS for my decision to give Matt an infered promotion, without at least asking if it would be okay.

To my defense, I do stupid things sometimes. (thats all the defense I have at the moment... I'll let you know if that changes. :)

[Original Post Continued]
Here's the result recently posted to the list by Matt Augustine, Software Design Engineer, CTO Concept Development Team @ Microsoft:


Seth Russell
2006-04-07 21:46:22
As one of the participants in the discussion i must say that i am happy with the result. If i understand the change, we got the best of both worlds: you can use well formed XML as Danny originally requested, or you can still lump flaky stuff in a CDATA package.
M. David Peterson
2006-04-07 21:55:56
Yep. Matt did a fantastic job of making sure he provided us with a way to treat XML as XML, and non-XML as what I guess could be termed a complex data type, which is basically everything else, and do so in a way that didn't break anything.

So like you said, Seth: we got the best of both worlds. :)

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