[MS:LiveClipboard] Status update; Yet More Goodness Is Coming Our Way

by M. David Peterson

via a recent post to the LiveClipboard "LIVE-CLIP" mailing list, Matt Augustine, Software Design Engineer on Ray Ozzie's CTO Concept Development Team, writes:

It's been a week since we proposed changes to the Live Clipboard specification, so I'll provide a quick update on the progress. Since the reaction to the proposal has been good, we will go ahead with the changes. We've made the required revisions in the spec. and in the sample page and scripts, and everything works well. Originally, we were aiming to post the updates this week to Ray's blog, but yesterday we had a chance to meet with Tantek Çelik, who gave us lots of great feedback about the microformat examples in the spec. and sample page. We want to take the time to ensure that all of his suggestions are integrated, so we'll wait until early next week to post the updates.

Matt Augustine
Software Design Engineer
CTO Concept Development Team
Microsoft Corporation

As mentioned in a follow-up response to Matt's post this is absolutely FANTASTIC! To understand what I mean, I've copied my follow-up comments below.

Thanks Matt, MS, Tantek, and ALL of the folks involved with making good things like this happen. The collaborative computing world is going to be a MUCH better place because of these efforts.

My follow-up comments: