[MSN:SoapBox] First Look :: David Spade Does (iN) The iPod

by M. David Peterson

Got my invitation a few hours ago for MSN (or is it Windows Live? Seems like its branded MSN) SoapBox. I can't link to the video on SoapBox and expect that everyone will be able to view it until such time as they open it up to anyone with a Passport/Hotmail/MSN/Windows Live account (I think that technically speaking these are all one in the same, though a Windows Live account doesn't necessarily mean you have an equivalent Hotmail account, though that one should be obvious). However, similar to YouTube, I can embed the videos in a web page.

As such, here is David Spade expressing his feelings in general towards the iPod,


2006-10-11 15:12:33
Dude, Apple most likely paid for the skit... wait a minute are you in on this too???
M. David Peterson
2006-10-12 20:50:03

You know, you've got a good point... No, I am not officially a part of "this", but I do feel like I just inadvertently contributed to the campaign.

There's a sucker born every second, isn't there...

Hmmm... Why couldn't I have waited for 1/2 second longer???!!! ;)

2006-10-16 07:48:24
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