[MTS08] Call For Comments/Questions/etc. For MSFT Team Leads + Are You In Redmond Next Week?

by M. David Peterson

So I've been invited to attend the Microsoft Technology Summit in Redmond next week which, from what I understand, is focused as an interactive conversation between MSFT technology/product owners and a group of ~50 or so technologists from around the industry. As per a recent email I received regarding the event,

Please plan to openly discuss your views and opinions. While having respect and tolerance for others opinions, we encourage you to be vocal and open with your opinions. The MTS is a non-NDA summit, so we also encourage blogging, web posting, etc.

I'll most definitely be blogging the experience as the week progresses and as such am definitely keen to hear from community members any questions you'd like to have answered, topics you'd like to see discussed, opinions you'd like to express, etc. In this regard, please feel free to leave either a comment below or email me directly.

Also, if you're in Redmond next week and would like to get together for lunch and/or in the evening after any of the planned events (they end between 9:30 and 10:30 each night) please let me know! I arrive on Tuesday afternoon and leave Saturday afternoon. The event ends @ ~noon on Friday, so I've got a solid day to play. Will probably head downtown to hit some shows Friday night, so if you're into that kind thing and you're free on Friday night, hit me up! :D

Update: In case any of you are interested in the topics/speakers such that you can guage what type of questions/comments/etc. to make, the conference agenda follows (I wanted to gain verification that publishing this list was kosher, thus the reason I didn't supply this until now.)