Museum Podcasts

by Erica Sadun

In a recent MacDevCenter article, I discussed how to build interactive iPod experiences using the iPod's "museum mode". As a supplement to that article, here are a number of museum podcasts that you might enjoy listening to.

SFMOMA Artcasts
An insider's take on the museum and its exhibits. More than mere museum tours, SFMOMA Artcasts paint vivid audio portraits of artists and their works. Listen to Chuck Close describe his style and process as he walks through the gallery. Hear Kiki Smith recall her inspiration for the works in a 2005 retrospective. Or discover what guest curators and fellow audiences have to say about exhibits at SFMOMA.

Miami Metro Zoo
Complete guided tours of the zoo from the comfort of your iPod. Peruse audio information on animal diet, habitat, range, and more. Hear lions roar even when they're sleeping, courtesy of animal sounds that accompany each exhibit. Take a musical tour of every geographic region represented in the zoo with song selections chosen by a noted ethnomusicologist. Miami Metrozoo podcasts also feature animal folklore from around the world, so you can learn more about the relationship between animals and humans in different cultures. The zoo podcast: It's one wild idea whose time has come.

Chateau de Versailles
Bringing a nearly 400-year-old palace into the iPod age sounds like a daunting task, but that's exactly what the Digital Grand Versailles Project has set out to do with Louis XIV's magnificent Versailles chateau and gardens. With an aim to "reposition Versailles as the main place for culture and technical capability, as it once was under Louis XIV," the project kicks off with audio and video podcasts featuring the Gardens of Versailles and Marie Antoinette's Trianon.

101 episodes, providing a wide range of lectures about MOMA exhibits.

de Young Museum (San Francisco)
Presenting news, features and hidden treasures from San Francisco's new de Young museum. Each episode includes information about current and upcoming exhibitions ad public programs, as well as interviews with artists, museum visitors, curators, conservators, and educators


Robert M. Hall
2006-12-28 16:29:08
Its worth mentioning that the Philadelphia Museum of Art - - a fantastic museum - also offers podcasts for tours of the museum, exhibits, art director highlights and special commentary on exhibits - available from the site and syndicated in iTunes.

2007-10-02 10:15:29
As a supplement discussion I anted to ask if this I have found and whatever you are presenting here. Yes, yours are more interesting, only iTunes sometimes pays trick with me and I could not follow every link you have put here.