Music: Hot and Caffeinated

by Erica Sadun


Today Starbucks announced they'd be offering their "Hear Music" catalog at the iTunes store. Now you'll be able to take out your coffee and your music. In fact, it's almost like never leaving the store at all. Which is, of course, a great relief. Because it's so hard to find and travel to a Starbucks.


Kevin Buterbaugh
2006-10-06 06:02:23
They also announced that they intend to double the number of Starbucks worldwide to 40,000. There's an old joke about how eventually the only way Starbucks will be able to expand is to open up a Starbucks within an existing Starbucks. Seems like they want to turn that joke into reality.

BTW, anybody know the difference between Starbucks and regular coffee? About $3 a cup...