Musings on the future of security

by Anton Chuvakin

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I get asked sometimes about the future of security and about "what comes next" (for example, see this). And while some trends can be spotted, the correct answer should always be "we do not know."

Why not? Because "the future of security is driven by the hacker." There is no better way to say it, than was said by McAfee president in this article. All those wannabe experts who blabber about "staying ahead of a hacker" are missing this simple point.

He then continues: "The bad guy determines what next year's threat is going to be and when you look at the hacker community, the big change over the last two years has been its move from very bright individuals who were basically seeking fame, to organized groups driven by fortune... We can't say with certainty what the next type of attacks are going to be."

And that is a large part of what makes security such a fun pursuit!!