MWSF 2006 Keynote Notes

by Chuck Toporek

Well kids, today's the day. Today's the day that we're going to learn about all the cool stuff that Apple's been working on for the last year. Welcome to the Macworld 2006 SteveNote.

In years past, I've taken sort of stream-of-consciousness notes during the MW SteveNotes, and this year, Derrick Story asked if I'd be willing to post them online right after the keynote, so here you are. You're getting my notes as soon as I can post them. And to go along with years' past, my notes are rough and uncut. You'll find the occasional typo and you'll find the occasional side comment about something, but don't worry, you're getting the unadulterated, uncensored report.

Props go out to Chris Stone, who's graciously agreed to snap digital shots of the big screen during the kenote so I can get down all of the stats that Steve puts up. Thanks, Chris; much appreciated.

It's now 8:57 a.m. on Tuesday morning and I'm sititng toward the back of the room, waiting for the SteveNote to begin. I'm not as intrepid as some of teh other media folk; I'm not willing to snuggle up to the front of the room. Instead, I'm far back, sitting at one of the wide isles, perched in front of one of the massive big screens. As I watch the cameras pan the crowd, I've seen some of the VIPs who've been invited to the keynote, and some non-VIPs who should be. For example, I've seen Al Gore in the crowd, and while waiting out in the hall with the rest of the media, I saw Adam from the Discovery Channel's Myth Busters show. Very cool. (Okay, maybe with the exception of seeing Al Gore, but we won't get into political preferences here.)

Time is 9:07 a.m. and they've dimmed the lights...on with the show...Steve Jobs takes the stage.

"Good morning and welcome to Macworld."

Apple Retail

  • Starts off with a retail update.

  • 135 Apple retail stores now

  • Showed the Regent Street store

  • Last quarter, there were 26 million visitors in the Apple Stores. This is more people than in any other state than California.

  • Retail stores sold $1 billion in revenue during the holiday quarter 2005.

  • Overall sales for Apple in the last quarter was $5.7 billion. "This is one for the record books."

Efforts in Music...

  • We went into the holiday quarter with the best music players in the world. The 5th generation iPod.

  • Sold 4.5 million iPods during the holiday quarter 2004. For the holiday quarter 2005, Apple sold 14 million iPods. Over three times over last year. Over 100 every minute, 24/7 throughout the quarter.

  • Total number of iPods sold is around 42 million. Of the 42 million, 32 million of them were sold in 2005.

Update on iTunes

  • 850 million songs have been purchased on iTunes. Well on our way to hitting the 1 billion song-mark in the next few months.

  • Over 1 billion songs per year run rate.

  • Market share continues to be very strong: 83 percent (according to Soundscan for December 2005).

Jobs: "Yeah, I'm showing off some new Keynote features." crowd laughs.

  • Apple started selling TV shows, and since October 12, 2005, Apple has sold over 8 million videos.

  • Partnered with ABC and ESPN to bring videos of the NCAA Football Bowl games. Showed a clip from the Rose Bowl highlight show. The Rose Bowl is the #1 video on iTunes.

  • As of today, Apple will start putting up content from Saturday Night Live. (Showed clip of Samari Delicatessen, staring John Belushi, a clip from The Cone Heads, and The Blues Brothers. You can start buying these today.

  • A new accessory is a Remote + FM Tuner. Priced at $49, and it goes on sale today. It works with the iPod nano and 4G and 5G iPods.

  • Over 3 million Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep models in 2006 will have iPod integration as an option.

  • 40% of all cars sold in 2006 will have iPod integration as an option.

  • Previewed a new iPod/iTunes ad, which stars Winton Marsalis...(Finally, a jazz iPod commercial...thanks!)

Jobs: "We're going to spend the rest of the day talking about Mac."


Starts off with Aperture. Is an incredible tool for digital photographers that's as important to digital photographers as Final Cut Pro is for digital videographers. (Showed an ad for Aperture.)


Introduced with Tiger. There are now tons of widgets. Ass a matter of fact, there are now over 1500 widgets available for Mac OS X Tiger.

Apple designed a few more that they're rolling out today. These include:

  • Google widget

  • New front end to Address Book widget

  • New one for Ski conditions

  • New calendar

  • White pages widget

  • ESPN widget for giving scores

Mac OS X 10.4.4 releases today and you can get all of the new Widgets with the system update.


Showed a picture of the new box for iLife '06.

iLife "has been miles ahead of anything you could use on a PC."

"This is a giant release."

iLife is comprised of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iTunes.


  • Incredible speed

  • Up to 250,000 photos

    • That is 1000 a month for 20 years.

    • "Scrolls like butter."

  • Full-screen editing

    • iPhoto is starting to look like "Aperture Lite", which is something that I was really hoping for.

  • One-click effects.

    • You can view eight different effects, view it in full-screen mode

  • All-new cards, calendars, and "dramatically better" books

    • New printing and much higher quality.

    • Hard and soft cover books

    • Added calendars so you can add your own photos in them.

    • Includes templates for the calendars as well

    • Added cards; you can make these super-easy and order them online

  • Photocasting

    • Podcasting for photos

    • "Now, what is this?"

    • Allows you to publish photos from iPhoto, pick an album to Photocast, and it automatically publishes those photos to .Mac

    • You can even password protect the pages.

    • People can subscribe to your Photocast in their version of iPhoto

    • Whenever changes are made, they can view the changes and use them however they want

    • Photos are downloaded to the other Mac through the Photocasting service

    • Must be a .Mac member to publish, but anyone can subscribe via RSS

Jobs demos the new iPhoto...

  • Showed how to create Cards

  • The Calendar feature allows you to bring in iCal calendar events, select from national holidays for various countries, you can drop in pictures from your iPhoto Library onto dates.

  • Showed how to use the Photocast feature by selecting a few pictures and publishing them up to .Mac.

  • Jobs used Fast User Switching to get over to Grandma Taylor's account, and when he did, you could see two new application icons in the Dock. One next to iCal, and another one next to System Preferences. The one next to iCal looked like a corkboard with things posted to it, and the one next to System Prefs looked like a stage with a red curtain, but with a little strip of images next to it. Hmmm...I wonder what these apps are and when we're going to see them.


Added HD to iMovie last year. HDV cameras are now available for under $1600.


  • Animated themes for movies

  • Real-time effects and titles

  • New audio tools and sound effects

  • Multiple open projects

  • Export to iPod

  • Create video Podcasts

Steve demos the Animated Themes...

  • This looks similar to some of the basic things you can do in Motion.

  • Ran a demo movie of a family on vacation in Italy.

  • Quickly ran through some of the new themes

  • (Some of these new themes look like stuff they've pulled over from FCP...thank you.)



  • Widescreen DVDs

  • Magic iDVD: you choose a theme, drop the movie and photos in, push a button to create the project, push another button to burn the DVD and that's it

  • New themes

  • Vastly improveed slideshows

  • Enhanced map view editing

  • Support for third-party DVD burners (thank you!)


  • Includes Podcast Studio component

    • Podcast artwork track

    • 200+ royalty-free sound effects

    • 100+ royalty-free jingles

    • Automatic "ducking" effect

    • Speech enhancer

    • Use iChat for remote interviews, so you can record them directly into GarageBand.

  • Showed the interface for the new version.

  • Jobs gives a demo...

    • Lays down an audio track

    • Brought in images

    • Dropped in a music track for the background, which automatically "ducked" behind the voice track.

Introduced the new World Music Jam Pack for GarageBand.

"We've got these great five applications that are part of the iLife suite."

You want to share these things with our friends and families. Often, you want to build a web site to share these things. Introducing a new app that allows us to share our digital photos, movies, music, blogs, and other types of Podcasts with people. This new app is called iWeb.


There are many applications that let you build web sites. Some are easy to use but they create an ugly site. And there are others that are hard to use and they create beautiful sites. iWeb is easy to use and it creates beautiful web sites.

  • Aple-designed templates

  • iLife Media Browser

  • One-click publishing to .Mac

  • Blogging

  • Podcasting

  • RSS and subscription stuff is automatically done for you

  • Push the Publish button and it automatically publishes up to your .Mac web site

  • Photo browser uses AJAX

  • One-click publish to .Mac

Steve demos iWeb to build a web site...

  • Builds a site

  • Drops in an iTunes playlist that shows up on the page, including links from the songs to the iTunes Music Store

  • You can add a button to the page so people can subscribe to a Photocast from your web page

  • Created a blog page with different entries.

  • Created a Podcast page

  • Share menu in GarageBand has an option to send the Podcast over to iWeb so you can publish the Podcast up to your blog page.

iWeb now joins the rest of the iLife apps.

iLife will keep its same price of $79. It is available today. There is a $99 Family Pack that lets you install it on up to 5 computers, and is available for free on all new Macs.

With iLife, we've talked about .Mac a lot. .Mac is really taking off. We have over 1 million subscribers to .Mac now.

iWork '06

  • Keynote

  • Pages


  • 3D charts

  • advanced image editing

  • image reflections

  • freeform shapes and masks

  • tables with calculation

  • new themes and templates

Sells for $79, available today. $99 family pack, and a 30-day free trial on all new Macs.

Computer Systems

We're making some of the best products we ever have. We've had a really good year with Macs.

  • Started off the year selling over 1 million Macs per quarter.

  • Announced that we were going to shift to using Intel processors back at WWDC.

  • Announced that by June 2006 half of the Mcs would be using intel processors.

  • Intel CEO Paul ontelli came out wearing a cleanroom suit, and said, "Steve, I want to report that Intel is ready." He handed Steve Jobs a wafer. "Well, I can report to you that Apple is ready, too."

  • Intel had over 1000 people working on the project with Apple

First Mac with Intel Processor: The first of a new generation of Macs...rolls out today.

  • It is the iMac

    • Has a built-in iSight camera

    • Apple remote with Front Row

  • Showed Walt Mossberg's WSJ quote about the iMac G5

    • "It is the gold standard of desktop PCs."

  • Intel processor goes inside the new iMac

  • Same sizes

    • 17 and 20 inch

    • Same award winning design

    • Same features, same built-in iSight camera, Front Row, etc.

    • Same prices

  • What's different?

    • 2-3x faster than the iMac G5

    • Uses the Intel Core Duo chip

    • Two processors on one die

    • 2 MB Level 2 Cachec

    • Each of these processors is faster than the G5 chip

iMac G5:

  • Runs Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.4 runs entirely natively on the Intel Core Duo

  • Everything Apple is doing runs on both the PowerPC and the Intel processors

  • iLife '06 and iWork '06 run on both PowerPC and Intel

  • Steve was demoing them on the new iMac with the Intel processor

  • Pro Apps will be Universal in March

  • Can cross-grade for $49 to a Universal Binary

  • Quark has announced that the next version of QuarkXpress will be completely Universal, and the beta will be Universal right from the start

  • Rosetta ships with every new Intel Mac; suns most PowerPC applications transparently. Microsoft Office will run fine under Rosetta.

  • Brings out Roz Ho, the GM of MacBU

  • Microsoft is on track to bring Universal Binaries of Office and Messenger for the Mac.

  • Has worked with Apple to ensure that Office runs well under Rosetta. MS will ship updates to the Office suite soon so they run well on Intel Macs. Adding sync services, Spotlight services, and an update to Messenger 5. These will be available as a free download from MS's web site in March. You can get MS Office 2004 at 50% off when you purchase a new Mac.

  • Formalizing a commitment to the Mac platform so they'll continue to ship new versions of MS Office for a minimum of five years.

  • "We're here to stay, and we're in it for the long term."

Jobs: "Rosetta will be a great bridge until we can get all our applications Universal."

Jobs gives a demo of the Intel iMac running Microsoft Word under Rosetta. Then he started Photoshop CS2 so it runs under Rosetta.

Two models of the new iMac:

  • 17-inch

  • 20-inch

New Intel iMacs ship TODAY.

We are going to be transitioning our entire product line this calendar year. Throughout the months, you will hear announcements about new product releases.

Jobs previews the new ad for the Intel Mac.

One more thing...

PowerBook G4 pops up on the screen...(oh-my-freakin'-God, please let it be)...

Switching to Intel just wasn't about performance, it was about Performance Per Watt:

  • G4: 0.27 performance per watt

  • PowerPC G5: only 0.23 / watt

  • Intel Core Duo is 1.05 (4.5x)

The MacBook Pro announced today, not a PowerBook.

  • Intel Core Duo chip, the same as in the Intel iMac

  • Dual processors in every new MacBook Pro

  • 4-5X faster than the PowerBook G4

  • Fastest Mac Notebook Ever!

  • Also the thinnest

  • Amazing new features:

    • 15.4-inch widescreen LCD display

    • Ultra-bright display

    • Has a built-in iSight camera

  • Jobs demos the new MacBook Pro

  • IR sensor and an Apple Remote so you can run Front Row on the new MacBook Pro.

  • Another really cool feature: MagSafe.

    • A new power adapter that's held in magnetically. If the cord gets tripped over, it just pulls right off instead of yanking your laptop off the desk. "Patent Pending".

  • 1-inch thin

  • 5.6 pounds

  • MagSafe power connector

  • Backlit keyboard and light sensor

  • iSight camera

  • Apple Remote with Front Row

  • Scrolling strackpad

Ships in February, orders are being taken as of today

Shows the Intel ad one more time.

At the end of his keynote, Steve Jobs made note of the fact that Apple was founded on April 1, 1976. His quote: "30 years of making the best personal computers in the world." He said that he wasn't quite sure what Apple was going to do to celebrate this milestone, but knowing Steve Jobs and Apple, you can bet that they'll do something really big on April 1st this year, and it won't be a practical joke.

So everyone, mark your calendars for April 1st. Get ready, because chances are, that's when we're going to see the next "One more thing..." from Uncle Steve.

- 30 -

What did you think of the keynote and today's announcements from Apple?


2006-01-11 11:27:08
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