My Apple Valentine

by Tom Bridge

I woke this morning thanking my lucky stars. Not just because it was Valentine's Day and my sweetie is wonderful, but because tomorrow was the Estimated Shipping Day for my new MacBook Pro. How sweet the anticipation has been, waiting for the new laptop to arrive. My two year old work laptop is nearing the end of its useful life, and soon must go to the hands of another tech. But then, this morning, there was news out of Apple: The MacBooks are Shipping!

Wait, what is that paragraph toward the top? "The $1,999 model now includes a 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, up from the previously announced 1.67 GHz, and will begin shipping next week." Oh my, oh my. What a valentine from Apple! The 1.67GHz MacBook I ordered will now be a 1.83 GHz MacBook! Hot damn! Now That's a Valentine's Day present I can really live with! Even if it means waiting two more weeks...

I did call Apple, and the woman I spoke with confirmed the automatic upgrade, and the delay, with shipping promised by the end of the month. Not shabby, Apple, and thanks for the boost, but can you please, please, get it to me soon? I'm jonesin' here. And hard.


2006-02-14 10:14:45
The real gem in this post is the link to your sweetie's blog. It's awesome! What a different perpsective. You all complement each other quite well, it seems.

I'm tempted to submit a resume for pimpin'. Is she still up for those?