My Dinner with Eric

by brian d foy

I am consulting for a big university this week, and it turns out that Eric Meyer is leading some training in the same department. I had not met him before, but a lot of people have been recommending his books to me lately.

We are both travelling stag, and staying in hotels across the parking lot from each other. Last night we went looking for dinner together and finally settled on a little Thai place.

We talked a bit of shop, during which I admitted that I knew next to nothing about CSS, although I told him I had just picked up "the fish book", and I think it looks pretty good despite having read nothing of it other than the table of contents. Those of you a bit more in touch with reality probably already realize that is really "the Salmon book", Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide and Eric wrote it. D'oh! I guess I missed that when I picked it up at Borders because it was not on the same shelf with all the other books he has written.