My Experience With T-Mobile Customer 'Care'

by Brian McConnell

Yesterday, I checked my mail to discover that I had gotten dinged with a $400 overage charge by T-Mobile, which up until that moment and a subsequent 'customer care' experience, had been my favorite carrier. What was a simple, easily avoided, and easily fixed situation turned into one of those experiences that turns a loyal customer into someone who will switch providers at the first opportunity.


Aaron B. Hockley
2006-11-02 22:16:14
Doesn't solve your current issue, but here's a Firefox extension to track T-Mobile minutes:
Clark Parsons
2006-11-03 02:10:26
How ironic to see that T-Mobile is considered somehow virtuous. In their home market of Germany they and their main competitor Vodafone are getting absolutely walloped by BASE, a subsidiary of KPN. Why? For more than a year BASE has been selling a nationally-available flatrate for €25, including free calls to all fixed lines and the mobile lines of other BASE users. Oh, and including free SMS to BASE users too. T-Mobile's already slow growth has been stopped dead in its tracks, and BASE once reported that two thirds of its customers still have existing mobile contracts elsewhere. That's how big the demand is for a mobile provider that doesn't play "gotcha."

We're an international VoIP provider based in Germany and lots of BASE customers use our service to forward calls to loved ones in foreign countries. They can call a local fixed-line number we give them -- since fixed-line calls are unlimited with BASE, and then they forward it on to other countries and pay pennies per minute instead of Euros per minute for international mobile calls. One of our clever users even bought our UK/Ireland flatrate, so now he's capped even his international mobile dialing.

About a month ago T-Mobile and Vodafone woke up and started offering mobile flatrates, but at much higher prices than BASE.
So maybe one day T-Mobile will do to its bigger competitors in the U.S. what BASE/KPN is doing to it at home. As AVIS used to say, "when you're number 3, you try harder."

2006-11-03 06:57:38
Forgive me for being such an easy date, but I agree from one word one to word last, culminating in go with who 'sucks less'. Sucks less is quite the business aspiration, isn't it? Something to really write home about.

I've developed a theory of capped usage plans that says 'normal customers' never use all their minutes because it is not possible to place a value on future (read end of the month) minutes. If I can't value future minutes, I might as well a) use all my minutes essentially 'now', or b) leave a bunch of minutes on the table at the end of the month.

But I never use all my minutes, because it results in an accounting problem that I can't afford. It's much easier for me to buy minutes I will never use. In effect, I own options on minutes, not real minutes.

Is there an industry figure on how many minutes the average user leaves on the table every month?

Moshe Yudkowsky
2006-11-03 07:56:05
Now you've hit on one of my hot buttons. Are there any decent cellular carriers at all? Both from a service standpoint and from business ethics standpoint?
M. David Peterson
2006-11-04 03:21:46
T-Mobile? Say it's not so! ;) :D

So here's my T-Mobile story,

I visit my local Starbucks each morning for my daily dose Chai. I purposely choose not to bring my laptop with me such that I can use the time to get away from my online life -- I walk to/from + a few extra blocks such that I can get my blood flow properly flowing through physical activity, using the caffeine as a boost instead of a staple.

That said, on one somewhat rushed morning I decided to break my rule and bring my laptop with me. T-Mobile offers their HotSpot WiFi service at Starbucks, of which the first 60 minutes are supposedly free. I read the legal copy and as far as I could tell I wouldn't be charged the ludicrous monthly rate until such time as I used up the first 60 minutes.

I stayed online at Starbucks for about 35 mins, never again to connect as I discovered that I really didn't get any meaningful work done while I was there, and not walking the few extra blocks (again, was a rushed morning...) left me feeling without energy upon my return.

I don't always check my monthly credit card statement with a fine toothed comb -- as long as it seems within proper range (read: there are no $1000 charges from some online store I've never heard of, which has happened on one or two occasions) I don't worry about it.

Long story short, T-Mobile supposedly decided that they were within their legal rights to charge me $70 USD for the first month of "service" -- even though the supposed service lasted all of 35 minutes, or 25 minutes less than the 60 minutes they advertised, and then the full monthly fee of -- if I am remembering correctly -- ~$40 USD each month thereafter. They were three months into this before I first noticed the charge.

A call to customer "service" explaining I had used the service once, had never connected again (which they verified), and used the service for 35 minutes total the first time (they claimed 45, but regardless it was still less than the 60 minutes they advertised) left me with the following result,

- They admitted that I had used the service once, yet continued to charge me for three months thereafter, the first month an extra $30 USD for a reason they didn't explain -- they just skipped over it on their way to blaming me for the problem.
- They admitted that the I used the service for less than the advertised first 60 minutes free.
- They admitted that, as advertised, the charges would begin to accrue after I had used the service for more than 60 minutes total.
- They still wouldn't refund a single penny claiming, in essence, that I should have contacted them after I noticed the charge for the first time (which I did! The first time was three months after the fact, but none-the-less, I did.) and it was now too late -- they couldn't (read: as you state, wouldn't) do anything about it.

The difference between T-Mobile and the Mob?

Well, as far as I can tell I'm not wearing concrete boots, but I'm not ruling this out as a possibility either. ;)

M. David Peterson
2006-11-04 03:51:44
Oh, forgot to add the last part,

- And then *they* hung up on me!

Carla Schroder
2006-11-06 11:02:01
Ok brian, so don't leave us in suspense- did you successfully challenge the $400 ripoff?

I'm doing my best to help- my stab-idiots-between-the-head via Web browser is still too buggy to release, unfortunately.

2006-11-19 15:03:58
I called tmobile the other day. ANd the lady said no to me when I incurred overage charges. But, then I called another person couple of hours later and she did change my billing by upgrading for one year. So, it depends who you talk to..Good luck!!
Paul Kornya
2006-11-21 14:54:17
T mobile sucks so bad I had 600.00 bill for 2 months of service, They also charge you for the 1st minute of usage no matter what happens in that minute. My phone drops call constantly which cost 1 minute add up what happens when you use your phone a lot... 300.00 phone bill in which you really only used your minutes. They also round up on the minutes used. So if you drop a call at :30 that's 1 minute and if you drop a call @ 1:01 that's 2 minutes. Add that up with hours of air time it comes out to hundreds of dollars a month. I disputed this with tmobile they gave me a small refund of 180.00 for 2 months of overage charges. My bill was now 520.00 for 2 months of service which is still crazy. They told me that they would review my account and call me back. They still have not called me back. I hate this phone company
C. Utku
2006-12-08 10:13:10
I was a loyal customer too until I switched to a family plan. I don't know where to start. Let me emphasize first that each call I made to the customer service took well over 1/2 hour. Most of this time is spent on holds and transferring between different departments. You have to tell your story to everyone and few understand it. But you still have to give your ssn to all. Anyways, I switched to family plan 6 days before my next billing cycle. Guess what, they backdated and charged me for the whole of the current cycle. Anyways I spoke to a representative and insisted that I did not want to pay. They agreed to credit me back some of it. I haven't received it yet but I am hopeful.

The next thing, I did not like the new phone I got with the activation of the new line. So sent it back and asked for another one. Well they sent it to the wrong adress in another state. So after lengthy discussions with numerous representatives which took about 1 hour they called up UPS (another story of misery) and requested a change of adress. I was surprised how fast I could see that change on the UPS website. But UPS still delivered it to the wrong adress. So I called T-mobile again and after lengthy discussions with numeorous people I was transferred to a lady at the businness department (I am buying for myself not for businness), so the lady did not know why I was transferred to her. But she did want to help after I told her that I was on the phone for the past 40 minutes. So she said she would cancel the order and put a new one. And she did. She said she would not charge the overnight shipment as well. But as is expected I was charged the shipment plus the one time activation of a new line and another $10 for the new line. So I called up again to resolve the issue. After another hour and numerous people who all know my ssn, I learned that the previous order was not cancelled. So now I have 3 lines, I am charged for 2 new phones but have none. Having understood that the problem did not seem resolvable and everytime I wanted to do so I was accumulating new charges, I called up again to inquire about cancelling my T-mobile service. They are kind at that point. Well, he did ask me to talk to their backoffice that is there to resolve sales issues. So I talked to someone. Now they are trying to cancel the new order, but I have to wait another 2 weeks or so, so that they can retrieve the one sent to the wrong adress. This simple problem is so hard for them to resolve. Maybe I will get my new phone, eventually. But what condition will it be in? Used maybe? Once my new contract is over I am through with T-mobile.

2006-12-12 23:50:12
Wow. This might be the DUMBEST online diary (ye.bloggers are 12 year old girls writing diaries...except that 12 year old girls have the sense to know that no one else wants ot rea them) I have ever read. You seriously may be the ONLY person who think that cell phone plans are "unlimited" anymore. NOTHING in any advertisement, for any provider, even suggests that this is the case. Then you bitch and moan (again, like a 12 year old girl) becuase you don't have the discimpline to keep some kind of running tally in your head of you call time? And you expect that they should let you off the hook for your stupidity?
2006-12-13 00:01:00
Complaining about rounding up to the next minute? EVERY company does that. And has since the dawn of time. Every single one of hte little whinefests here are YOUR OWN FAULTS! Except for the WiFi, which I am sure was exaggerated.

Bottom line...Don't GO OVER YOUR MINUTES! If you do, don't expect to get money back. Hey, here is an idea...get off hte damn phone every once in awhile. Your lives area NOT so improtant that you need the phone glued to your ear. Give your "friends" a break once in awhile and let them take a break from having to deal with having to talk to you.

It is not hard to not go over your minutes. Complainikng that it is hard for you just makes you look like a fool. So, realize that this entire page makes YOU all look stupid. It does nothing to T-Mobile.

Oh, and by the way, I am not a fan of T-Mobile either. I found this site looking to solve a probelm I have with my T-Mobile to Go account. That they don't let me preview ring tones before buying them like contract cutomers can. My phone came with the worst possible ringers included when all I want was one that sounds like a damn phone ringing! When I wrote to complain and ask why I can't preview like other providers allow, their first "solution" to me was suggesting I upgrade from paying about $100 a year for my pre-paid service to paying the $500 that the cheapest contract plan is.

S I am not just sticking up for T-Mobile. But complaining about going over your monthly minutes and then not getting money back from T-Mobile is just idiotic.

Brian McConnell
2006-12-13 00:36:07
From the Who Are The Paid PR People Dept?

I don't know who these last two tools were, but I am a pilot (first solo at age 16), and if you know anything about airplanes, dead reckoning, etc, you know about keeping track of time. T-Mobile, like most cellular carriers, exploits the fact that most people do not keep track of time down to the hour, much less to the minute.

Now that I know how inaccurate T-Mobile's SMS "minute counter" is, I make almost all calls via other means. When another GSM carrier offers a real unmetered plan, I will switch, in a New York minute.

I don't expect anything for free, but I also don't like paying hundreds of dollars in "overage charges" when according to the company's usage meter I was under my limit. I also don't have hours of spare time to spend on hold with "customer care", as my time is worth money.

Fine if you have nothing better to do than enter your calls into an Excel spreadsheet, but I do.

2006-12-20 19:50:28
Here is what i tried to send them although (shocking) their customer service email didn't submit my comments:

I have had the WORST experience with Tmobile today. I've been a customer since 2004. 9:00am today my service was suspended because i was over the spending limit. so i called into the automated system and paid my account, but the phone was dead air instead of giving me a confirmation number. i tried again, but the service said i was not able to make the same payment twice. i waited for service to be reinstated, it wasn't, so i called again and made a different payment. same thing, wasn't reinstated. called back to make a third payment. waited two hours, called customer service, waited on the line for 20 minutes, got hung up on. called back, was told my service would be reinstated, that there was a problem with the payment service. the phone worked for about an hour, then it was suspended again. called back, talked to customer service, same thing, they reinstated the account, it worked for about an hour and then was suspended again. i called back at 9:00pm, was transferred over to finance dept, waiting another 20 minutes on the phone, was told it would be temporarily waived and that it would be reinstated, but that if my payment didn't go through it would be suspended again in 24 hours. it never was reinstated. i called back at 10:20, was told that no waiver had been submitted and that she (Ashley)would do it, but it could take an hour. i told her, it's been over an hour since i spoke with that person. she said her supervisor had to approve it and her supervisor was very busy. i said, if they need to deal with anyone it's me because i've had my phone shut off all day. she said she couldn't help me. i asked to speak to her supervisor, she said the person was too busy to do that. she said she could get my number and the person could call me back in 2 to 24 HOURS. and not that anyone at tmobile cares, but the MINUTE my contract expires i'm switching companies, and i'm going to tell anyone and EVERYONE i can to avoid Tmobile service at all costs.

2006-12-30 22:23:21
Being charged for phones still under warranty is another one of t-mobiles issues. there is no warranty. they always say your phone has water damage no matter what the problem is and your stuck paying the bill.
2007-01-18 12:02:19
i have benn with many carriers includind airtel in india to 3 mobile in uk but from my past experience i concluded that t-mobile has wrost coustmer care in whole uk if not world
Emmanuel Cooper
2007-01-24 11:26:56
I have problem with my cell phone it doesn't reveive call since yesterday been down please can you help me my number is 603-377-6675
2007-01-31 19:41:14
so one thing i see is a habitual bashing of tmobile and their supposble "fees" and customer care issues yet when a simple taking responsibility for your own actions would have corrected the issue i have noticed with 3 carriers one tmoble is that they are a multimillion dollar companies that dont have time to babysit their consumers and say oops you messed up and dont know how to use your minutes please call and complain that were not doing anything right even though were a multi-million dollar company that has made it this big without wiping your hands after you go to the bathroom its our jobs as consumers to know what were getting into, why on earth would anyone SIGN a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT and not read it which takes a total of maybe 3 minutes out of your day pretty much as long as it takes to brush your teeth. It just makes me wonder if its sooooo bad then why for instance is a company like tmble getting recognition for best customer service of all carriers which actually is rated by you and me ...customer feedback..good and bad...
2007-02-04 06:21:54
Firstly, I will state I do not have T-mobile myself, although this is due to the fact I live in Canada. Which by the way is where SmartAccess customers are directed when they call 611. I am the voice you hear on the other end of the phone. Yes, I am a person. No, I don't sit on the other end of the phone looking for ways to screw you over. I get paid to balance our business with your satisfaction.

Now if I was to give a general opinion of most of the customer's I deal with on a daily basis I would have to say they're all decent, repectible people who want to be treated fairly. I understand this and want to help, but I will not play a lackie to ignorance.

Now before I continue I'd like to give you an example of what cellphone companies are like north of the border. We have a few carrier's here. This is an example of Roger's, the service I am currently with but will be soon cancelling. One day after getting off work, I was curious as to my cell phone bill. Since we don't even have #646# or anything like it I was forced to go phone 611, apparently Roger's cannot track a customers current useage. SO they're telling me they cannot tell me how many minutes I've used each month. They're telling me that I cannot check my overage of any sort until my bill posts.

So, this once again turns into the fact that ignorance you're worst enemy, not your cellphone company.

As T-mobile customers you first off have a Spending Limit Balance - which is a compilation of any pending charges (charges we can see that have yet to be applied to your bill), Unbilled Useage (Useage such as Ringtone downloads, Wallpapers, Overage) and your Current balance (any balance owed from previous months that has already been billed). You all hate this so much but if you just understood how to use this to your advantage you would never be suspended. Secondly, you have a cell phone company that genuienly cares. I understand the fact there are idiots at job, and working for T-Mobile is no different (actually we work for a 3rd party tele-performance company). Now at anytime you can call T-mobile and get your balance, minutes, any information about billing or anything you need. This is with the exception of the 3 days proceeding your billing close date when we are processing your bill and cannot explain useage directly. Although we are still able to give a pretty good indication what the charges are. The problem I see the most are people who bascially want to pay $29.99 and use a plan like everything is unlimited, and then call us and yell at us how its our fault we're over and that we're crooks. Im no crook, Im not the one who used your phone for 3,500 minutes when your on a 1000 minute plan. I find that most people generally dont understand the fact if they spend the extra 20$ a month to upgrade to an accomidating plan, although more expensive, with result with no overage for the month. But yet again, I tell people this everyday and they still dont do it. Becaase they NEVER think they'll go over. And as soon as they get off the phone with me they start on talking on their cell phones.

You should pay what your plan is with taxes and features every month. And we do have customers that are always within they're plans, and this is how they do it:

They do not assume they're lives are so fast paced, so important that a) they do not need to be on their phones all day. I'd say half the customers I deal with use 3,000 minutes or more a month. That relates to 100 minutes of on the phone conversation a day! Who are you talking to that you need to be talking 100+ minutes a day? Don't any of you work? and b) they understand that a cellphone is a responsibility, just like anything else. You wouldn't yell at your Ford if they came and repossesed your car after not paying for 3 months. So why is shutting off a cellphone any different? Not to mention the fact you sign ed a contract which states you agree to the fact T-Mobile can do this.

Custoemrs who stay under their Spending Limit Balances choose rate plans based on previous useage history, not on the price. To own a cellphone you should be able to afford one. It is not a nesscessity, it is a luxury. You need to make a call payphones have been around for years. If you know you make over 600 minutes of calls a month, and can only afford the 600 minute plan. Then a) realize the chance of overage and relate this to the fact you're already tight for money , or b) be responisble and use your phone according to the plan you have. If you have a 600 anytime minute plan, use 600 anytime minutes.

Now like I said before, I am not a T-mobile customer. But if you could just take a moment too look back and understand how much we, the people you talk to, not the corporation, not the CEO sipping on his private jet, really try and do for you. Its hard to think you'd give the same respect given we switched places. Ive been swore at, called a criminal, blamed personally for customer's own stupidity, but I guess that all comes with this job. But thats not to say that the fact still remains I like my job and most of the people who call in.

But I can't read through this site without offering my opinion. You all have such ad advantage over any other country in the world (with the exception of Germany possibly) as far as cellular phone availability and use. Yet you still find something to bitch about, and apparently you've now just come to the point where the only thing left to really argue is the only thing you yourselves control. So is it fair to call me and have me tell you why you went over? Its time to grow up people, I have a current balance of 177$ and a $200 early termination fee just like you.

Katie Fisher
2007-02-11 23:32:25
Bitch, bitch, bitch. I worked at t-mobile for two years, both in retail stores and in customer service call centers, and I can definately say that one of the best things in my life is no longer dealing with morons who are handed explicit and detailed CONTRACTS, sign them without even glancing through them, and then call incesantly whining that they didn't understand what they signed or accusing us of some sort of bait and switch when our policies were clearly detailed on the web, on any of the innumberable brochures we handed out, and through a lot of very nice people who spend their days being screamed at by said morons. You had a $400 overage charge? You went, what, eight HOURS over your minutes? God, what were you on, one of those plans that give you 300 minutes for 19.99? Personal responsibility is key here, people. Be realistic, shell out the extra $20 bucks for the plan that gives you 1000 more minutes, and quit your bitching if you go over. T-Mobile hands out bonus minutes like they were tictacs for people who were experiencing actual emergencies or extenuating circumstances. Idiots who just blather on and on and then don't want to pay for their usage? Not our problem. Pay your fucking bill, upgrade to another rate plan, and if you must talk ALL THE TIME, try to talk during your free nights and weekends. That's what they're for.
Don H3
2007-03-04 07:31:02
Wow! I was thinking of going with T-Mobile to obtain GSM radio. Not Now ! For general info: When I was with * * & * in the 90's I would call their customer service the day BEFORE my bill was to post (and get the persons name), and Upgrade to a higher plan if it looked like I would exceed my monthly allotment. That was the "good" news. Later (while I was switching to Prepay)- I discovered that * * & * monthly customers were, for their ENTIRE FIRST YEAR, automatically allowed DOUBLE their monthly minutes -at no extra charge. That was the "not" so good news. Then, after being with them over 4 years, * * & * SHUT DOWN my Pre-Pay account (which they had previously shortened from 90 to 45 days for rollover minutes) -- and ZEROED-OUT my $50-some pre-paid balance when I was 1 day late. And told me I would have to make a $50 "deposit" in addition to purchasing "new" minutes, for my ESN to be reactivated. Not bloody likely. (To be honest they were reasonably nice about it: they claimed their computers wouldn't allow it any other way).

2007-03-20 21:03:06
t he store in-experience,in3046 steinway steet,was very -,very bad.was treated very rude' no manner what so ever'
2007-03-21 12:42:46
T mobile did the exact same thing to me except the bill was 600 dollars! I use to like them but now i hate them. Which company should i switch to , cingular?
2007-03-21 12:42:59
T mobile did the exact same thing to me except the bill was 600 dollars! I use to like them but now i hate them. Which company should i switch to , cingular?
Rita, Esq.
2007-04-17 17:06:19
I am currently undergoing the same problems and feel as though there must be some sort of recourse. I found T Mobile's customer service to be highly unsatisfactory and feel as though this will ongoing problem amongst the T-Mobile staff and its customers until some action is taken. Although individuals contractually bound to their cell phone company are obligated to pay these outrageous overcharges - and in the event they desire to contest it - are required to handle the dispute via binding arbitration - blows my mind. There must be some other resolution - such as a class action suit - considering the number of individuals affected (just as was the case in the Blockbuster suit!!!)

As for you KnowledgeGuy... you state:

"they are a multimillion dollar companies that dont have time to babysit their consumers and say oops you messed up and dont know how to use your minutes please call and complain that were not doing anything right even though were a multi-million dollar company that has made it this big without wiping your hands after you go to the bathroom its our jobs as consumers to know what were getting into, why on earth would anyone SIGN a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT and not read it which takes a total of maybe 3 minutes out of your day pretty much as long as it takes to brush your teeth".

And Katie state:
"morons who are handed explicit and detailed CONTRACTS, sign them without even glancing through them, and then call incesantly whining that they didn't understand what they signed or accusing us of some sort of bait and switch when our policies were clearly detailed on the web, on any of the innumberable brochures we handed out, and through a lot of very nice people who spend their days being screamed at by said morons."

First and foremost, one is not given the contract to read. To renew my contract I was required to press 1 on my phone during an automated message - wherein listening to the terms of the contract were not an option, until I subsequently received the contract in the mail at a much later date.

Secondly, as an attorney (just admitted to the bar this year), understandably everyone should read the terms & conditions with which they are this instance, IT WOULD NOT MATTER!!! All cell phone companies provide similar contractual terms, wherein all of these said contracts are more than likely deemed unconscionable, adhesion contracts - and one would be bound just the same w/ any other cell phone company!

Finally, the same argument can be said of the individuals renting videos from Blockbuster - and returning said videos late. While arguably, it's irresponsible of the customer...the class action suit proved that the fees were outrageous and hit Blockbuster where it hurts - its deep pockets!!!

Rita, Esq.
2007-04-17 17:18:00 say that this multi-million dollar corporation does not have the means to "hold one's hand" and advise when they have gone over their minutes (even via automated msg) is ABSURD! They certainly have the "means" to send texts and automated messages when one has failed to pay a bill or is late regarding same. That being said...T-Mobile DOES HAVE THE MEANS...they simply opt not to do so as it is not beneficial to them. OF COURSE they want you to run over your minutes ~ that's how they became the "multi-million dollar corporation" you assert they are today!
2007-05-08 20:59:14
I was just charged $60 by tmobile on my first bill for a late payment....when they'd sent the bill to the wrong address, giving me no chance of getting it in in time. They call it a "service restore" fee, claiming they'd suspended my service, but it amounts to a late fee just the same. I just noticed on my second invoice that they have a very short turnaround, so this appears to be their method of making money. I have a contract now, of course, but will switch when I have the chance. Beyond that, I will definitely support any class action effort. This level of fees makes the chumps at Blockbuster look like chumps. Really doesn't matter if this stuff is somewhere in the fine print of the totally non-negotiable one-way contract; their policies are just screaming for a good lawyer to step up to take a whack at them.
2007-06-19 14:18:16
Did you know-
-T-Mobile does not have the ability to receive emails!
-T-Mobile does have the ability to transfer phone calls!
-If you to speak to a different representative each call and explain your request from scratch.

2007-07-09 15:20:56
T-mobile has screwed me over to and it is hard to like them everytime I go my bill it was out rages and when I dropped them they wanted 200 dollars per phone which I do not understand because it is only one contract
2007-07-09 15:21:05
T-mobile has screwed me over to and it is hard to like them everytime I go my bill it was out rages and when I dropped them they wanted 200 dollars per phone which I do not understand because it is only one contract
2007-07-09 15:21:10
T-mobile has screwed me over to and it is hard to like them everytime I go my bill it was out rages and when I dropped them they wanted 200 dollars per phone which I do not understand because it is only one contract
Kelly Ann Wolff
2007-07-12 08:37:09
I have had T Mobil for almost a year and have always paid my bills now that I added a family plan, they try to tell me I am not elidigable for the five faves until August 8th. You would think yhey could help me out instead I am worrying about facing a 600.00 dollar bill!!!! I work for Easter Seals which is a state funded facility. I place people with challenges in jobs. I need my phone and am very frightened if I no longer have access to it because of a big bill.
2007-07-26 15:48:09
I have a sidekick 3 (I purchased it through my husband for the company). I was so excited! I really like my sidekick. The camera sucks, and the screen quality is really NOT good for a $400 phone, BUT, the keypad is great and I enjoy how easily I can surf the web.

My phone has always had an issue with connecting to the internet. After multiple "customer care" conversations, we decided to send it back for a replacement. It took them over two weeks to return my phone (I had to give it up without a replacement) only to tell me it was LIQUID DAMAGED. They refused to replace it. Did I mention I LOVE my phone, and I take excellent care of it? It has NEVER been dropped in water, nor has anything been spilled on it. After a heated battle with "customer care" and an hour more of our time we had to give up. They will not work with us. Did I mention my husband is one of their employees? NONE of the "indicators" are pink. I am SO SO SO SO VERY ANGRY at T-Mobile!!! Honestly, I am thinking about changing service (if the employee phone plan wasn't so cheap I would have already left). It's a shame that I cannot stand up for the company that employees my husband. I do know that I will tell everyone I know about this (and other) BAD experiences with their customer care! They don't care about their customers!!!!

2007-08-02 11:20:27
i agree with all that was said in this stament about cell ohone carriers, i personaly feel that we as the consumers need to take control. bottom line.
2007-08-30 18:48:49
T-mobile is Great !! A++Customer care they have the the best customer care out of all the Cell phone providers. ! i havent had any issue & been with them for 5 yrs now . ! i wonder where my call goes when i call ! or if u guys are just having pain o Bad Luck ! well Sucks for all of you!~ buti do feel for u that is some bad stuff...
2007-09-16 13:39:27
I'm tmobile customer for more than 7 year
There are time that you get a representative that's not on the mood to go with the problem that we are having we are cell phone. Keep calling until you get a person who's willing to help you.
One good advice don't ever put a insurance on your cell phone, the munufacturer provides you 1 year of guarantee. That same insurance company (honestly that insurance co. is not good) who gives service to tmobile, is the same provider for verizon
2007-10-13 07:29:29
If you can't keep track of your minutes, don't blame the cell phone company. T-mobile makes it super easy to know how many minutes you have used.
albert garibay
2007-11-08 16:11:52
very informative and enlightning
2007-11-11 00:29:39
T-Mobile Customer Support/Service is an institution meaning criminals has your account information in hand.
2007-12-07 01:12:51
The people who are bitching are those who refuse to accept that they are in control of any charges to their account. Good job people you were not responsible. When you purchase a T-Mobile phone it is equipped with a removable sticker on the screen telling you how to check your minute usage as well as text usage. A cell phone is no different than a credit card... When you are using your card day after day buying your starbucks coffee and your organic salads you do not get a reminder from the credit card warning you to stop spending money. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY PEOPLE! Everyone one of you who complain are idiots! It is your fault. Grow up and understand it is your fault.
2007-12-11 16:54:50
Try to get a rebate when you purchase a new Shadow. When they advertise a rebate, grab your stomach, roll on the ground and laugh. It's a joke.
2008-01-08 13:16:39
I have been with TMobile for a verry looong time. I am in shock after my dealings with them today. In Sept we upgraded our phones (4 lines, family plan) Spent a healthy amount of $$$. Everyone was happy. (wait for it) Until one of the screens broke (honestly don't know how) T-Mobile was happy to send a replacement, just had to return the defective one. I just looked at my on-line bill today...$105.50 for "out of warranty damage" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

The customer care department was unbending, continually repeating the same thing.
"a broken screen indicates a drop, these phones are very fragile and the screen could be broken in you coat pocket by your keys!"
I explained that I did not know that the quality of their products had gone down so badly. The explained that it is a "great" phone for music. ????????

2008-01-08 18:37:01

It sucks when after sending fax for 5 times no body acknowledges on t-mobile side.The problem is, As per t-mobile if you move to a location where t-mobile don't provide the service then t-mobile will waive the penalty for breaking contract.In regard to this you have to fax document or proof of new address.
I called customer care n times and each time they gave me new fax number.I faxed the document 5 times but till now the penalty is not waived and reason document not faxed.
This is not the end of story the problem is if you send document n times also then also t-mobile will not receive. The problem is t-mobile customer care system.
When you call a customer care a representative named XYZ will pick the phone and request you to send the document to his nearest fax with his name and representative ID and his coach/supervisor name.
As the fax is not near to him so he can't collect the fax.So he will say he will get the fax in approx 48 hours.So after 48 hrs if you call to ask status about fax some other representative PQR will pick the phone. As the fax was not done to PQR he don't know the status of it and also don't know the extension or direct contact number for XYZ.So he will request you to send the fax to him and he will take care. So this vicious cycle continues and penalty will not be waived.And T-mobile will earn millions of dollar from it. But they don't know they are loosing customers.I will never recommend to anybody for T-mobile because of the customer service.

2008-02-06 18:44:30
After 4 years with T-Mobile, I switch to Verizon. My reason to switch is T-Mobile's awful customer service. Every time I call, I was given difference response, difference instructions and different answers; sometimes even given misleading or wrong information to get me renew contract.

After I renewed my family plan and paid for the new phones with credit card, I found out it was not what I was told, so I immediately cancelled the renewal, but T-mobile still sent out new phones. Later I was instructed to send them back in the box that I was received, but now I am battling to get my money back. Just for the merchandise return, I have talked to 3 ladies already, each time the lady said she has put a note in my account to make sure I don't get charged, and everything is been taking care of. But today's T-mobile lady said I should have sent back 4 phones in individual boxes, there is no record they have received 4 phones, and I was also charged a fee for return after 14 days of ordering. After in the phone with the lady for one hour, finally she said she has submitted a request for somebody to check the 4 phones in the boxes and we won't know it until Monday Feb 11.

From renewing contract, canceling renewal and returning goods, I have at least talked to 20 T-mobile men and women, and every time has surprises. It is a waste of their time and mine.

2008-02-06 23:31:36
T-Mobile’s customer service department and sales department are inconsistent, sometimes opposing, when presenting their product and services to customers. Also T-mobile doesn’t have the ability to take notes in customer account for later reference.

I have T-mobile since 2004 and have a family plan of 4 lines whose contract has expired one or two years ago. I needed 2 new lines and my children wanted new phones, so I called T-mobile. I was told couple times that I can not have new free phones for all the lines even if I renew my plan, and I can not have 6 lines in my family plan. Later when I called to cancel my plan, I was offered all new phones for all the lines plus the 6 lines in my family plan. After discussing with my family, I called t-mobile back to accept the offer. Guess what? Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiise! I was told I can not have 6 lines, and I was disappointed.

Later of the week I called again to cancel my plan, and I was told that I indeed was qualified to have 6 lines in my family plan for a price of 109.99 per month (69.99+ 4x(9.99)), and with new free phones, and activation fees waiver for the 2 new lines, all the goodies, if I decide to renew the contract and stay with them. The offer came as a surprise, and I asked the lady to write down all what she said in my account as notes, so when I call back to place order, someone can read her offer, and she said yes. Again after discussing with my family, I called t-mobile customer service back and asked if the offer is still true, and the customer service said yes, as whatever I was offered. So I renewed my family plan of 4 lines and order 4 new phones (not the free ones, but the ones with discount) and paid with my credit card. Afterward, he transferred my phone to sales department in order to add 2 new lines. He explained new activation needs to go through Sales department.

Guess what? Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiise! Sales department said I can not have 6 lines in my family plan and if I really want to have 6 lines in my plan, I can pool 6 individual plans together to form a plan, which will cost me over $190 per month. I immediately request to cancel my renewal and asked him to stop the new phone shipment. The sales person told me I will be charged of penalty for early cancellation of order that I just made with customer service department.

I yelled over the phone saying T-mobile lie to me.

I don’t know what T-mobile men and women trying to accomplish with me. At this moment I was agitated. After a few minutes when I feel I can talk, I called back, explained the whole nine yard to another T-mobile person, and request him to cancel my family plan renewal that I just placed. This T-mobile person is more humane and agreed that the whole thing is a joke, and he is more than willing to cancel the plan renewal for me and guaranty that I will not be charged. I thanked him and had a peaceful Saturday evening.

Despite my calls to cancellation, T-mobile still sent the 4 phones out to me on the following Monday. The phones arrived on Wednesday as a package with 4 individual new phone packages in it. I called t-mobile and guess what???????????????? The lady said because the phones have been shipped out, so my account has been renewed for 2 years, my account has been charged, and there is no cancellation till I return the package. She felled sorry for me and said no hurry, I have up to 30 days to return it, think about it, and just give them a call when I decide to ship it back. Again my family got together to discuss the issue, by this time the excitement of new phones was gone, everyone was sick and tired of talking about it. In order to make thing simple we decide to keep the phones and stay with t-mobile with a family plan of 5 plus an individual plan. I called T-mobile back to add 2 new lines and to wrap the whole thing up.

Guess what? Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiise! I was told that I need to pay activation fee and pay for the new phones, because the free phones were free last week, but not this week. I explained this is a continuous order of last week, previous T-mobile lady’s offer and asked him to check the notes that so many T-mobile men and women written in my account. I went through the whole nine yard again. He insisted that the free phone was free last week, not this week, and said in his 10 years working with T-mobile there is never free activation offered.

I hanged up, and hated myself believing in T-mobile’s words.

Two days later I called t-mobile to return new phones, the lady was nice and gave me return address, and told me to call back immediately after I ship the package to give them UPS tracking number. As I was instructed I called t-mobile when I was in UPS store to make sure everything is ok with T-mobile, and give the lady tracking number. A few days later I called to close my account and to make sure they have returned credits to my credit card, but I was told they have not received the package and she has put a note in my account, so once they receive the package they will credit all 4 phones back to my account and remove my renewal contract, and the lines will automatically terminated since I have transferred them to Verizon. Everything has been taking care of. I thanked her sincerely. Last Friday I checked UPS website, and the package was delivered. I wait until today, Wednesday to call T-mobile.

Guess What? Surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise! Today’s T-mobile lady told me I should have sent each phone back individually, and there is no record that they have received 4 phones, besides that they will not give me full credit because I didn't returned within 14 days. Previous phone conversations are not shown in my account, and we need to start from scratch. At the end, today’s T-mobile lady said she has put a note in my account and someone will check my package and she will call me Monday. I asked her to swear to God that she will do what she said - follow up my return package and call me back. She said she won’t swear.

I really don't care what rules or requirements T-mobile has, as long as consistent, so T-mobile doesn’t waste their costumers’ time and their employees’.

I never post comments or complains on internet before. However this nightmare with T-Mobile is seriously gone too far, and I sincerely hope that my comments can be passed to someone at T-mobile, who can take action to improve their customer care.

Without improvement in customer care, I can not recommend T-mobile to anyone.

If you wish to contact me, please send e-mail to

2008-02-07 16:40:12
This is for those that are tired of getting stuck with charges that don't belong to them. I noticed my T-Mobile bill going up in price each month, so today, being tired of paying more than what I signed on for, I started to do some research on our bills. Apparently T-Mobile raised the price of our text messaging WITHOUT informing us. We have kept every single piece of paper T-Mobile has sent to us over the last two years...we use one of the phones for business so we had to keep any and all documentation for expense reports and taxes. We never received any "insert". On top of this, for the last year of our service, we have had dropped calls, static on the lines, no service, etc. We have called many times to get the technical problems resolved-even went as far as purchasing new phones (at full cost) for both lines and replacing sim cards-and still-the service is below par. As far as the texting goes-I did my research and then looked at our plan online...I signed in, clicked on "Plans", went to the bottom of the window and clicked on "See Other Included Services", went to the bottom of the next screen and clicked on "More Information About Services", On the next page...First paragraph under the heading "ALL PLANS" If you read the first couple of lines-you will see that T-Mobile themselves say that text messages are only supposed to be 5 cents a text. This is for ALL PLANS-Not just for mine. Yet they are charging everyone more! As far as I am concerned-this is deplorable-and earns them MILLIONS of dollars a month!!!!! A month-not a year or more. Think on it-every one of their customers is paying more than what they say they actually are charging. I called T-mobile and explained that we were very unhappy with the service and now we find out that our Text cost went up. I spoke to a lady and explained what I found on their website and started to ask why they were charging me more than they themselves state the charge is supposed to be. And here I have been paying more for TWO YEARS!!! She said this was a tax, I said no it isn't-read the paragraph. She put me on hold for a few minutes. When she came back, I asked what would they do for me since I have been paying more than required for 2 years. She didn’t know-so I asked for a supervisor. It took a few minutes-but I got one. . She came back and actually thanked me for finding the "typo". She couldn’t believe that no one had found it before. She even confirmed the “typo” with her supervisor and then their business department. When I did get the supervisor, she was very defensive. I wasn’t-I was actually pretty nice. I explain everything again, and I ask her-what was T-Mobile going to do for me since I have been paying over their own rates for the last two years. She states that she has documentation that we received the insert explaining about the Text rate change. She stated that I HAD to have received the insert. I told her I was more than willing to send her every paper I had for the last two years, it isn’t here. Unless I signed it and gave it back (which if I had received it and they had asked me to at the time-I probably would have), she cannot say I received it. I am not a dishonest person-I would take a lie detector test to prove we never received it. She refused to give any-she only offered me a rate of .10 cents for our texts for the last month, but as of right now-I am officially notified that my rate of texts from here on out would be 15 cents per text. I couldn’t believe she said that-I repeated ”So you are saying, as of right now-you are officially notifying me?” She said yes. If that is the case-I should be able to cancel my contract because I am just now officially informed of my text rate change, and since we are still having service problems after trying everything they suggested, we no longer want to keep the service. We especially don’t feel that we should have to pay even more for services that we are not happy with. She said no-and I said-but you stated yourself that people had 30 days from the time of discovery to cancel their contracts without an ETF if they did not approve of the rate change, and you just “OFFICIALLY” let me know of my rate change. She started to get a little more rude now and told me she could not waive the ETF. I explained that this didn’t make sense, from what she herself said in the beginning of the conversation. We keep going round in circles repeating the same points of view. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She told me they weren’t there but she would have them call me. I have “print screened” the page with the 5 cent text rate-with the date of 2-6-2008, so they can’t say it didn’t exist. If 5 cents per text was on their site and I saw it-they should honor it, and have it retro-active for the last 2 years. I just feel that they are cheating everyone, and they aren’t even letting anyone know about it. We shall see what happens.
2008-02-09 19:51:44
why is is that customers are always blaming the company for THERE overages? You went over, not the company, you are an adult, be responsible, if you overdraft on your checking account does you bank call you and warn you before you overdraw? NO WAY, because its not there fault you are going over.

*Also with charges on Text messages being charged and changed from 5 cents to 15 cents, yes it was changed and YES everyone was notified, by getting an email if you had paperless billing and a letter insert if you had your bill mailed. In the insert or email it stated that this was a change in the terms, and yes by law at that time if you felt so strongly that T-Mobile was screwing you then you could have cancelled at that time, but becuase you are apparently dont understand english or contracts you did nothing, so there for you agreed to the new terms, also I bet you dont remember that T-mobile used to charge 25cents per picture message, did you know that they dropped it to the 15cents now too? or did you also know that they dropped there data plans from $29.99 to $19.99 apparently doesnt seem like tmobile is really screwing the customer...seems like you are just screwing yourself...

****Check your minutes!! stop talking or you will go over your minutes! DUH

****Read the contract!! you signed it! get over one put a gun to your head..
2008-03-09 23:18:20
Okay, first of all I currently work at T-Mobile who just won their SEVENTH JD POWER & ASSOCIATES AWARD! When I assist my customers I treat them like they are my own friends. I make more money the happier my customers are. I don't care what money the company makes. I trained for two months not to learn how to tell people no but how to empathize and make my customers day better because they talked to me. NOT THE COMPANY. I even recently had a customer from AT&T call T-Mobile on accident and I personally looked up the number online and conferenced a call to AT&T and thanked the customer for taking the time to talk to me even though she wasn't even one of my customers.
Oh and by the way when you push "1" to accept the terms & Agreements, it says all of the terms and agreements you PREVIOUSLY accepted continue to apply including the ETF of $200 ...... You had a copy at one time just neglected to realize that you prob. Missplaced it.
I also agree with some of the others saying that I enjoy my job quite well, INCLUDING the customers I speak with all day. I don't go to McDonalds eat for weeks then go back at the end of the month and say oh I ate too much of this food this month, I want a refund. Now that's just an example,I actually don't eat fast food it is gross and extremely fattening.
But when it comes to T-Mobile you can't beat the service our motto is STICK TOGETHER because we want our customers to leave. Because we embrace our customers no matter what.
2008-03-10 18:49:31
Ya, T-Mobile is so great that is why the charged me $400 after 8 years for cancelling my contract 34 days early. I NEVER called them to cancel my account, knowing that I had a month left on my contract with the intention of canceling my account after my contract was up, the problem is that they consider phone number portability as cancelation, and they are un-willing to work with me, at best I owe them the $79 for the remaining days on my contract. They are the ones that canceled me once I transferred my number to another carrier. After 8 years their coverage has not improved while all of the other carriers have surpasses them in service, coverage and technology.
2008-03-21 03:59:04
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