My Experiences with FotoMagico Software

by Derrick Story


I've been using FotoMagico since the very early days it was called "unnamed app." This robust application enables you to build slideshows easily with professional transitions. The ease of use is important because you're able to spend your time thinking about your project, not about the software itself.

I've been running the latest Universal Binary version on a MacBook Pro, which can handle this sort of work without even breaking a sweat (even though my legs tend to get a bit toasty during the process.) A lot of people have asked me why I prefer FotoMagico to iPhoto 6 for slideshows. Quite honestly, FotoMagico makes better transitions. And since my iPhoto library shows up in the FotoMagico media pane, it's quite seamless.

Earlier this year, I had conversions with Boinx Software who make FotoMagico, and they became sponsors of my The Digital Story site. They wanted me to run a slideshow showcase featuring tips and techniques for producing interesting movies. I thought this was a great idea too, and I've just posted the finalists to the FotoMagico Slideshow Showcase. One of the movies featured is my own 30 Miles East of LA, which documents an early 80's garage band that I co-founded -- complete with original music restored from 20 year-old tapes that were beginning to fade. I tell the story of how I made the movie in this week's TDS podcast The Making of 30 Miles East of LA.

Obviously I've been using FotoMagico a lot, and I truly like this software. But for the kind of movies I like to make -- with both a music track and voiceover -- I have to use additional software. I've found that exporting a 720x480 QuickTime file out of FotoMagico and importing it into iMovie HD was the perfect merging of tools. Once in iMovie, I could create and tweak my audio tracks to sync perfectly with the video. I don't think iMovie is quite as strong for creating the video slideshow track as FotoMagico, but it's a nice place to pull everything together.

All of this is interesting to me because I think many of us don't get the mileage out of our digital photos that we could. Making the occasional print or posting a web page only scratches the surface of what's possible these days. My experiences with QuickTime Pro, FotoMagico, iMovie HD, iPhoto 6, and Audio Hijack Pro have left me very thankful that I have such great, affordable tools for creativity.