My First Technospam

by John Adams

Ever had one of those ideas you didn't want to mention because you hoped no one else would ever think of it? I've had three of those, and one of them still hasn't happened, but today the most recent one came true: I got an email with this subject line:

Re%SYMBOL_TWO Tentative discussed tes...

Looks like your average technical e-mail list subject line, right? But it was just spam.

Someone finally figured out how to get technically-minded people to pop open the occasional spam message.

This one fills me full of hate in a way that no other spam ever has.

Got technospam?


2005-10-15 13:23:53
Actually, that was a malfunctioning bulk mail script (or a malformed mail template). I’ve seen spam which contains stuff like “Dear $_RCPNT” relatively often. It appears that this guy was using a SYMBOL_TWO variable to vary what the subject looks like.
2005-10-16 05:22:04
Oh, man...
...I shoulda kept my mouth shut. Now I've given someone an idea.
2005-10-16 06:43:14
Oh, man...
I kinda doubt that. Spammers are dumb and annoying, but I don't think they're interested in targeting someone who will never, under any circumstances, respond to spam.
2005-10-16 09:13:05
I don't get it..
I don't get it.. Why did that entice you?? I delete that stuff all the time..

~jennifer k~

2005-10-16 13:07:54
Not enticed...
...just fooled. Which is bad enough.