My five years with Mac OS X

by Giles Turnbull

There's been much celebration around the web, now that Mac OS X is five years old. I wanted to join the celebratory atmosphere, but rather than take you through the history of the OS (which other people have already done, much better than I could, elsewhere), I wanted to take some time to reflect on my personal experiences of OS X.

Now, the thought of using any other OS for my day-to-day work makes me shudder. The occasions when I have to use a Windows machine (usually while working for a client on-site) always leave me reeling at how much hard work Windows is after you've got out of the habit of coping with it. But when OS X was first released, things were somewhat different.


2006-03-25 11:04:29
After 5 years of new Apple software and hardware including the iPod, new software products such as NetNewsWire and the overuse of RSS, the transition to Intel, and the explosion of the blogosphere, the single most revolutionary event for me as a computer user is the launch of OS X. Happy Birthday OS X... if you keep on just getting better with age, maybe there's hope for me.
2006-03-25 12:55:48
Nice article.

Sure brings back memory when OS X was first released.

I, too, have a G3 iBook and it's also still doing great for general usage around the house.

2006-03-25 13:20:36
I think the thing about OS X that sells itself to Linux/BSD tech-heads is that you don't HAVE to understand the *nix underside; but if/when you want it, it's right there.

I was a desktop Linux guy for a few years after shedding Windows, and I think I've got a pretty good grasp of *nix internals. But really, even if you know that stuff you can get tired of HAVING to apply that knowledge so often. That, in a nutshell, is what is so great (IMHO) about OS X.

2006-03-25 17:15:50
I fired up the OS X Public beta again about a year ago. I had to set the Macs clock back to before the expirey date, but it was worth it. It makes you realise how far OS X has come since those days.

I have a Bondi Blue (the machine I first installed OS X on infact) still running with 10.3 on it and still being used a lot. It's just about time to put the old fella out to pasture though, those new Intel Minis do look nice :-)

Anyway, Happy Birthday OS X and thanks to Jobs and Apple for the vison and dedication to give the world something to copy. Looking forward to Apples 30th in a few days time...

2006-03-26 02:19:01
what's about the coming 30 year anniversary at the first of April (1. April 2006)?? YOU can congratulate at happymac ( for FREE. I think Apple deserves it. Support your Mac. But only english text can be accepted, if you don't speak english at all you can leave a short message like "Happy birthday Apple. Jaque Moi, Designer". All are welcome !!
2006-03-26 12:55:35
I finally switched during the 10.2 months ( not years, please note Micro$soft) and have been very happy since. If I'm honest OS9.4 was getting rather jittery and almost made me look at Winshite.

In the house now we have have a G4 iBook, G5 iMac, G4 Powerbook (the one i'm writing on) and a G3 iMac 400Mhz which is running the latest OS (10.4.5) and apps with a little help from some extra RAM.

They're all connected by an Airport Express and the only problems I get result from my technophobe girlfriend who has problems like "so how do I copy this text again" and would be totally, utterly F@&cked with any version of Windows. Or I'd spend half my life fixing stuff.

Thankyou Mac.

2006-03-27 02:00:35
I want Mac OS X...!!!
I am a student who keen and keep going on Java 2 Platform.
Here, at Gadjah Mada University Jogja, Java, we are trying to find the best solution for Open Source Development Platform.
And guess what, I stumbled accross this page while do a deep research about Mac!
So,... here I come Mac!!!
Geoff Hutchison
2006-03-27 07:36:04
Thanks for the article! I remember when OS X came out too -- since the release was on *my* birthday, I figured as an early-adopter type, I just had to order it. The combination of UNIX and Mac was too great to ignore.

I basically switched completely from OS 9 to OS X when it arrived, but 10.0 certainly had its warts (including the slow performance). It was nice to have my G3 iMac grow faster with every release, until I upgraded to a spiffy PowerBook G4.

I'm definitely a happy user, and hope the next 5 years of OS X bring as much growth as the last 5. Thanks Giles for bringing back all the memories!

2006-03-27 09:06:15
i still remember walking in to my advisor's office when he received 10.0. "what is that?" i asked. "it's apple's new operating system." he replied. "oh." i said, not having the slightest idea what he was talking about since i was struggling with a crappy PC laptop. a year later i switched to a brand new TiBook with 10.1 installed and haven't looked back since. i recently sold a Bondi Blue iMac that was running panther just fine...the most amazing thing to me is how OS X breathes new life into ostensibly dead computers. hip hip, hooray!
2006-03-28 13:57:40
EkoSW, I had a friend from Jogja :) I hope you can get OS X soon. I've had it for a long time now and can't stand working on other platforms anymore (except occasionally OS 7-9 for sentimental reasons).

I'm running 10.2.8 on my G3 iBook 800. I bought it used on eBay, and it came with Tiger installed but 10.2.3 disks. I tried using Tiger, but it just was a little too much for the iBook, even with 640 MB.

Chris Devers
2006-03-31 22:51:21
There was a (void) in the computing industry, and it's fair to say that OS X has largely filled it. :-)