My Gadget Wish List

by brian d foy

I just went through a pile of last year's Mac magazines, and I have a list of nice, shiny things to buy:

  • inMotion Portable iPod speakers
  • iPod Armor - even though my iPod has held up well in the desert, I am still afraid of breaking it. I do not think this armor stops bullets though, even though they say it is built like a tank.
  • Canon Digital Rebel - I had the film version of this entry level camera. Now I want the 6 megapixel digital version, which can use the lens I already have. And, it is under $1,000.
  • Kensington WiFi Finder - I can war-walk an airport or hotel without fooling with my laptop.
  • TiVo Home Media Option - schedule recordings from any web browser

What is on your wish list?


2004-02-06 07:52:35
Altec Lansing inMotion speakers
These speakers do sound pretty darn good.

I got them because I thought they'd make nice travel speakers. I use them more often around the house, and not be so antisocial wearing my Shure e2c headphones. ;-)

2004-02-06 08:46:47
Kensington Wi Fi Finder
I've tried this unit and it's somewhat of a dog. Most reviews I've read indicate it's not quite ready for prime time.

The SmardID WiFi detector is known to be better:,24330,3499551,00.html

2004-02-06 09:17:48
Wi-fi Finder not so good
I don't have one, but almost everything I've read about this gadget (e.g. this review or these Amazon user reviews) says the thing isn't worth it.
2004-02-06 09:47:53
Oh don't get me started...

  • The iTalk from Griffin Technology

  • The Belkin iPod Media Reader (The Canon Rebel to use with it would be nice, too)

  • A spacious firewire drive.

  • Any number of wonderful things from Cool Tools.

2004-02-06 11:36:11
forget Tivo homemedia option
and use TivoWeb:
2004-02-06 11:44:38
forget Tivo homemedia option
I would like to schedule recordings from somewhere far away from my TiVo, without being on the same network as the TiVo. I did not see anything in this project that does that. Am I missing something?