My Gadgety Life: Stuff from Hong Kong

by Erica Sadun

After almost a month of waiting, the post office delivered a bag of goodies to me today. I ordered these from Kai Domain, one of the two successor sites to the now defunct Fifth Unit. (The other site is DealExtreme.) Both sites carry more or less the same stuff, but there were a few items at Kai that caught my eye that DealExtreme didn't offer. So I paid for my stuff back in April and waited until today for the order to arrive.


For $7.90, i ordered this small iPod compatible speaker. It plugs into the port at the bottom of the iPod. This allows my kids to watch the iPod or listen to music without putting on headphones, and allows me to put the iPod onto a counter without having to lug along a separate speaker and worry about using up batteries. The speaker uses the iPod's power.

So far, it works exactly as promised. The sound is a bit tinny--which is what I expected--but it has excellent volume control and is loud enough to hear when I stick it into the handlebar bag on my bike. There are two small buttons on the front to raise and lower the volume.

Also in my goodie bag was this compact webcam. Although it's listed as a supported webcam by Macam, and it gets recognized by the software, I only can see a large grey screen when I tried it on both my Intel Mac Mini and on my 733 G4. I'm not sure if I got a lemon or if there's actually a problem with the driver. So as far as things go, that $8.99 gamble was a bust. Any suggestions for otherwise testing the video to determine if I got a bad unit will be appreciated.

To round things off, I picked up a bunch of invisible ink pens (my kids are going to love them) and keychain LEDs for a lot less than I normally pay for them at the dollar store. Both are working great and are a lot of fun.


Istvan Belanszky
2007-05-22 18:43:02
Dear Erica,

Just plug that webcam into a Windows box, and install the driver (if it does require one on the peecee).
-If no cookie even there, you might have indeed got a dud, too bad.

Best Luck!

Istvan Belanszky
2007-05-22 18:45:51
-Come to think of it, did you check if the little device has a lenscap on, or a security switch to flip, and maybe that is why you get no video?
Erica Sadun
2007-05-22 18:46:22
I took it over to my Win 2K PC, plugged it in and it says it needs a driver and can't find one at the Microsoft site. So now I have to track down a win2k driver to test it out.
Erica Sadun
2007-05-22 18:48:06
Def no lenscap. And no switches except for the attached leds. (I tried in all possible switch positions)
Erica Sadun
2007-05-22 18:49:24
Trying on a Win XP unit now.
2007-10-04 20:41:23
I freaking love this post. I'm always searching for "My Gadgety Life" when I want to get more "pig lights!" THANKS!