My High Def Life: From the iPod to HDTV

by Erica Sadun

Now that I own my own HDTV, I decided to see how the widescreen movies I encoded for my iPod played back in high def. I connected my iPod to my new TV. In Videos -> Video Settings I set both Widescreen and TV Out to "On". Then I selected a video and played it.

There are a couple things you need to take into account when connecting to your HDTV from the iPod:

First, you are creating a standard definition signal from your iPod. To the best of my knowledge the current generation of iPods doesn't do HDMI or anything like that. So you're going to want to compare your video quality to the way DVDs play back on your TV and not, say, a true High Definition signal.

Second, you've got to use your most optimal compression for that big screen and that means QuickTime Pro. It allows you to bypass the published iPod 768 kbps limits and produce 624x352 video at 1600+ kbps. Obviously, you can produce better video quality than that, and you can even watch it in iTunes or Front Row, but it won't sync to your iPod.

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2007-02-26 00:15:08
You should try iSquint or VisualHub. The output produced from those two applications is far better than QuickTime Pro