My High Def Life: My Warranty is Void

by Erica Sadun

Details and picures can be found here at the Make Blog. Reader "Dave" wins the "guess the time of warranty violation" sweepstakes and earns eternal bragging rights via this update post. For the curious I cracked the case about 5 hours after receiving it.

More details and experimentation after the jump...


2007-03-23 07:13:46
I guess the easiest thing to do it remove the harddisk and read it from MAC first.
Mike S.
2007-03-23 07:57:49
Have you tried sniffing the network for traffic using something like ethereal?
2007-03-23 10:37:15
All I'm seeing of this story is this; ]]>
Your MacDaddy
2007-03-23 12:47:46
Clever use of InvisiText®.
2007-03-23 14:51:01
For some REALLY cool hacking on the Apple TV, look at:

2007-03-24 06:17:03
Not sure where the idea of "opening the case" somehow voids your Apple warranty, but wanted to point out this is simply NOT true. You can take any Apple product apart... even down to the last screw and it doesn't void your warranty. The only stipulation is you don't want to "break" anything along the way, which would/could void your warranty. I had to correct some "Apple Genius" a few months ago when he said I couldn't open the Mac mini without voiding my warranty. Hogwash! Utter Hogwash!!!

Lastly, A "true" Apple Geek would take apart their new Apple product before they even turn it on... so cracking it open 5 hours later is no record, not even close :)

2007-03-26 16:04:55
Do like the Something Awful guys -- remove the hard disk one time only and enable SSH from a Mac. Now you can log in and do whatever the heck you want from the command line. At that point it becomes a headless server like any other...
2007-03-27 09:03:50
About XVID:

I tried ripping a DVD into XVID using Handbrake/Mediafork, and it played perfectly in my Apple TV. It didn't look as good, of course, but it synced and played.

I was surprised. I didn't expect that to work.