My High Def Life: Remote controls, VGA ports and Front Row

by Erica Sadun

TVPlaybackSo the new replacement HDTV set arrived yesterday, and all seems to be well. It's so many lightyears of wonderfulness beyond anything we had with our old Quasar--and it's very, very flat. My husband, about whom I shall shortly say more, kept pointing out to my youngest guy how if you look at the TV set sidewise that it's so thin that it practically disappears.

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2007-01-31 15:32:29
"I hooked it up using the VGA connection and Man! did that look good."

The TV doesn't have a DVI port? VGA analog isn't very impressive.

Erica Sadun
2007-01-31 16:21:34
Heya Flip, no there's no DVI port. Cheap-o HDTV all the way. :)
Randy Stewart
2007-01-31 20:52:29
If it doesn't have DVI, I'd be shocked if it doesn't have HDMI, given that it has both a QAM and ATSC tuner. VGA will look fuzzy once you go digital.

Getting an HDMI to DVI cable is easy and cheap, if you go online. If you go to Best Buy or some other big box store prepare to be hosed. Blue Jeans Cable up here in Seattle has a 2 ft run for $13.

As for the remote - my Apple remote works great with EyeTV. One question - are you aiming at the Mac or the EyeTV? I aim at the Mac.

To get into full screen mode, you have to be in the EyeTV app, then press and hold the 'Menu" button on the Apple Remote. That will take you into EyeTV's full screen mode and voila, all the controls work (hopefully).

Good luck.

Randy Stewart

2007-02-01 06:30:43
Can they even call it a HDTV if it doesn't have HDMI or DVI?
Erica Sadun
2007-02-01 08:39:29
Yes, it has a single HDMI port. My newly ebay-bought $11 shipped DVI-to-HDMI cable should arrive in the next week or so.
Erica Sadun
2007-02-01 08:42:16
Oh I forgot to add: I tried aiming at the EyeTV. I tried aiming at the Mac. And I'm about *theeeeeeeeees* close to repartitioning the Mini and putting my highly-unstable-nonstandard-OS on one partition and just loading the other with the latest 10.4 because I can't seem to get a lot of EyeTV/media stuff working with the nonstandard OS.

2007-04-30 21:28:44