My High Def Life: Scenes from Real Life

by Erica Sadun

The Husband: "What's wrong with the new HDTV? Every time they show the game, it gets all fuzzy and gray."

Me: "That would be because it's raining."

The Husband: "Oh. Right."

It actually looks fabulous and the TiVo-like replay buffer built into the EyeTV software for High Def reception worked beautifully. Especially when 14 seconds into the game you realize you just missed a touchdown.

Update: So Superbowl finishes, and I start taking down all the computer equipment to move it back to the office. Husband asks: "The HDTV was great but isn't there a better way to do this where you don't have to move the computer into the living room for us to watch?" "Yes," I reply. "It's called AppleTV and it will be here in just a few weeks." Can't wait!


2007-02-04 20:28:59
I love the original exchange, when the penny drops that this is what HDTV is all about!

I am still a bit dubious about the capability of AppleTV but that is why I'll be waiting for your review before deciding to buy it or not :-)

2007-02-05 00:34:51

I don't entirely get how AppleTV will help with watching live TV via EyeTV thought. Doesn't AppleTV just stream stuff from saved files, as opposed to live EyeTV stuff?

Erica Sadun
2007-02-05 06:34:18
Paul: And therein lies the challenge! I'm ready to hack... :)