My High Def Life: Software Essentials

by Erica Sadun

After Sunday's big wipe-the-Mac-Mini-and-reinstall-Tiger exercise, I took a look at my collection of recently-installed disk images to see what items turned out to be the most critical for getting back up to speed. Admittedly, I'm using the Mac Mini for recording and playing back TV so these images skewed heavily video. There are many titles I use daily on my main Mac (like Photoshop and Microsoft Word) that would never show up on my test unit. And there are some items, like MPEG Streamclip that are seeing a lot of use these days on the mini, which wouldn't get all that much day-to-day use on the primary Mac. Hopefully there might be someone out there in readerland who will get a kick out of the following list.


2007-02-13 12:18:05
I'm pretty sure a few Linux distributions come with Firefox.
Jeff Flowers
2007-02-14 09:33:30
Can Audio Hijack Pro capture audio from the DVD Player? I have some live concert DVDs that I would love to listen to while on the road.
2007-02-14 11:16:14
Hey...this is one of the better lists of video apps and stuff that I've run across. Good work. Of course I know of Flip4Mac. That's been a staple for lots of tasks, including some great encoding with the Studio version. But, I did not know about Mpeg Streamclip. That looks like it would have quite a few uses. One of my current quests is to come up with a process to get photo slideshow movies sized correctly for HD/16x9. I think my Nikon D40 shoots in 4x3, and if I use iMovie HD, to port over to iDVD, everything is terribly stretched. I hope it's just a simple (but time consuming) matter of resizing each image before creating the movie. other thing I've been trying out is Drive In , from Telestream. It creates DVD images in their original format, and has been handy for viewing movies on my Powerbook...lots less heat and power usage watching flicks that way.
Erica Sadun
2007-02-14 13:21:56
Jeff: I've never tried doing that myself, but I'm pretty sure it can.
Erica Sadun
2007-02-14 13:22:53
Antonio, you might want to google for a folder action that does what you're looking for