My High Def Life: Streaming Live TV to Apple TV

by Erica Sadun

Did it. Finally. This is a screen shot of a live stream from my EyeTV tuner playing back on Apple TV. I'm working on the write-up for Bruce and Mac Devcenter. For the curious, the screen shot was taken as such: /usr/sbin/screencapture -tjpeg ~/sponge.jpg from a ssh session at the Apple TV command line.



2007-03-29 19:51:06
Heh, that deserves some kind of prize. TV -- on a television! Will wonders never cease.
Reminds me of the Onion article:

New $5,000 Multimedia Computer System Downloads Real-Time TV Programs, Displays Them On Monitor

Erica Sadun
2007-03-29 19:55:00
Mithras: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Since the Apple TV did not ship with a tuner or the ability to record, these are all baby steps to take it to the next level.
2007-03-29 21:25:57
Oh, don't get me wrong -- for sheer geek cred, I think it's fantastic. But you gotta see the humor in it :)
Erica Sadun
2007-03-29 21:30:15
Yes. I admit it. You made me laugh. And it was witty and on-point.
2007-03-30 00:29:06
Hey Erica,

Just a thought. Since you say it took some time to set this up? Can't you just install CyTv client on the AppleTv and CyTv server on your mac with EyeTv? That's how i stream tv from my Mac mini to my Macbook. I can even record, pause, watch recordings and swap channels on my client.

2007-03-30 00:33:29
Oh, kick ass.
2007-03-30 05:51:03
You shouldn't publicize screencapture any more than necessary, or Apple will cripple it.
2007-03-30 06:31:02
I'm curious - what took longer, getting it to work or watching Nick for that picture of SpongeBob... Hope you and the family are well, but it looks like you have way too much time on your hands!
2007-03-30 06:52:48
@ gskiii
Is was thinking the exact same thing. How long did it talk you to get such a cool shot of sponge.
Erica do you have some tips of setting up a decent movie server?
I have a Mac Mini with eye tv and use CyTv to serve tv. But i also have 500gig hard disk to which i'm ripping (via handbrake) all my (legally owned) dvd's. It like to serve these to my MacBook... tips?
Erica Sadun
2007-03-30 07:14:51
Believe me, the sponge shot was *completely* random. I like it too. And, while I plan to give CyTV another try, I did find VLC to respond much faster server-wise.
2007-03-30 07:16:37
How do you swap channels using vlc only? Cause CyTv is only a front end to control eyeTv. For the streaming it uses VLC as well.
David Waring
2007-04-13 00:50:58
I'm wondering what is happening with regard to eye tv /cy tv support. Has anyone put the eye tv app on ATV? Can we control it with the ATV remote? I'm hoping that my mac mini w/ eye tv + hard drive in one room and ATV in my den will somehow make for a nice pvr system. I just have not seen many reports about this aspect of ATV. Is this being actively pursued?

2007-05-02 09:52:41
really cute
Ricardo Fava
2007-05-04 07:12:35
Erica, Im not a developer but I work with a streaming server here in Brazil. I really need access one live broadcast from Apple TV. My server use QSS.
Can u help me with a step by step tutorial ?
2007-05-24 11:17:46
Yes, EyeTV does support automated exports to Apple TV. I have a TVMini HD with scheduled recordings that are exported to iTunes/Apple TV after the recording ends. Works great.
2007-05-24 11:45:35
...and for the point I noted re: EyeTV, this is definitely an export and NOT streaming of live TV to iTunes/Apple TV.