My High Def Life: What's on the AppleTV Disk

by Erica Sadun

There are three partitions. One, disk2s2 (400 MB) cannot be mounted. OSBoot is 900MB and contains a mini-OS X installation. Media (35.8GB) contains the AppleTV data and looks almost identical to the file system on an iPod.


2007-03-23 15:53:14
'OSBoot is 900MB and contains a mini-OS X installation'

Man, what I'd give to see if it's possible to boot that installation on an intel mac mini.

2007-03-23 15:56:31
Hmm. Should have said 'copy that partition to a partition on my intel mac mini and boot it'. Yes, that makes more sense. Any takers? Erica, want to somehow get those 900 megs so I can try?
Rob Rix
2007-03-23 18:32:38
@ Keith: Do it! Do it! I haven't got an Intel Mac to experiment with but I'd love to see that go somewhere.
2007-03-23 20:15:31
There's a massize discussion going on over at something aweful about the makeup of the version of Mac OS X running on the Apple TV. They've already got SSH and VNC running for remote admin, and installed Perian to allow playback of XVid/DivX files. Makes for a fantastic read, and I'm sure all us Mac developer types could help:
2007-03-24 13:02:13
Since you have already void the warrenty, why not try 2.5" to 3.5" hard drive convert cable and then you can mount a really large HD like (250+ mb) to it?