My New Podcast Show

by Frank La Vigne

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I'm proud to announce the addition of the Frankie's Friday Flashback podcast to my blog.

Here's an index of the show:

Intro:  0:00 to 1:59
Gateway Tablet PC Review: 2:00 to 6:24
Rsstroom Reader 6:25 to 8:02
Java is So Last Century 8:03 to 15:42
Lighter Notes: 15:43 to 16:36
Ending: 16:37 to 16:57

As I explain in the intro, I wanted to do something different with my podcast, rather than duplicate what's already out there.  The format it simple and I plan on keeping each episode to about 15-20 minutes.

So, download it and have a listen. [MP3] [RSS Enclosure]

So, what do you think?