My ongoing Windows Update Saga

by Eric M. Burke

Hmm...I think something is wrong. I have installed "Security Update for Microsoft Windows (819696)" five times now. Yet each time I go back to the Windows Update site, the patch keeps showing up.

I just checked their Installation History option, and the security update shows up five times, all with a "Successful" status. According to this page, I've installed the update on Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri last week, and again on Tue this week.

Maybe it's time for a new strategy, since re-installing doesn't seem to be working. ;-)

I just submitted an official "Microsoft Windows Update Site Support Request". Let's see what kind of response I get.


2003-08-20 09:34:03
Dude, get a Mac.
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
2003-08-20 09:36:58
Dude, get a Mac.
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
2003-12-12 07:09:18
Just 22 times
No answer since august from MS?
I've just see in my history, I've installed that patch only 22 times.
All times successfully ;-PP
2004-05-17 11:22:37
Did you get any feedback Re: 819696 Direct X Security Update
Hi everyone. Was anyone able to finally fix this? As of todate, May 2004, I still have installed the stupid patch over 20 times and adding on daily...

please let me know by emailing me at

thanks a lot