My OSCON ToDo List

by Steve Mallett

My how time flies and my todo list never seems to shrink away. Alas, I get to concentrate on some exceptionally fun tasks as I get ready to go to OSCON.

Aside from the usual monotonous tasks of making credit card payments so I won’t get booted out of the hotel for NSF here’s my list of fun things to do in preparation for the CON in OSCON:

1) Get an ibook so I can go wireless. - Done

2) Pack Airport. Just in case there aren’t enough access points. - Yeah, right.

3) Figure out how to create a ssh tunnel to retrieve my mail over the wireless network. - Pg. 94 “Building Wireless Community Networks” - O’Reilly

4) Figure out what accessories I want to pick up in Cali for my ibook. - The nearest Apple Store is three hours away from me and carries no inventory.

5) Find those business cards I had printed up. - I met a fellow at LinuxWorld in NY this spring who asked me for one. I told him I didn’t have any where upon he insisted that even homeless people should have business cards. I thought that was a bit harsh, but the point was taken.

6) Check weather conditions for San Diego. - If good, rub it in with everyone except my wife.

7) Upgrade memory for my camera so I can take more pics like this. (272k) -This is at the blogging BOF from the Emer. Tech. Conf. last May. I'm not sure, but I believe the fellow in the red shirt was just staying at the hotel & decided to sing along. Good for you.

8) Post a reminder to myself not to wear my ‘All your base are belong to us’ T-shirt on flight day. - I can just imagine spending a day on the unpleasant end of a security team after someone reads the complimentary ‘Somebody set up us the bomb’ on the back.

9) Books. Books. Books. Pack, bring, read. It’s a long flight.

10) Order flowers for my wife. You’d probably be wise to do the same for your spousal unit, you insensitive jerk.

11) Watch old reruns of ‘Simon & Simon’. - The show was supposedly based in San Diego... oh, never mind.

I know I'm forgetting something....


2002-07-18 08:36:40
I take it you aren't taking your wife
Mine is part of my indispensible equipment--can't manage without her, though I'll have to muddle through the first couple of days somehow. If only you'd thought this through better...
2002-07-18 09:09:12
I take it you aren't taking your wife
No, she's staying with the kids. The flight costs are prohibitive for a family from the east coast. For me anyway.