My Other Computer is a LAMP Based MP3-Streaming Jukebox!

by Steve Mallett

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I spent the better part of this morning turning my drab, living under the stairs, backups server into a wicked mp3-streaming jukebox. I got a bunch of my HD space back too....

Apache::MP3 rocks. On my wireless home network it rocks even more.

I put together a linux box and stuck it under my stairs to have a dedicated backup server. One that would allow be to backup files quickly off my lappy and do nightly backups of other various files from cyberspace. But, I'm not happy unless something is being utilized. Backups really only use .001% of the machine's time as useful as they are.

And I also had all these mp3 on my ibook's HD. Why back them up when they could live elsewhere permanently? And now that the mp3s aren't residing on my laptop the whole family can listen to radiohead. And isn't that what it's all about?