My P800 Essentials

by Edd Dumbill

Updated: I've now published a
revised version of this article.

I love my Sony Ericsson P800 phone. Here are some applications for it that I just can't do without.

They're all freely usable, and most are open source. (I still can't get over the way that in the PDA market you can charge $10 for a glorified Hello World program.)

SymIRC. A neat little IRC client. I'm ashamed to say that on more than one occasion I've appeared on IRC while out at the pub. GPL licensed.

Ogg Vorbis Player. I can fit 2 CDs encoded as 64kbps Oggs on my 64MB memory stick duo card, and still have plenty of room left for taking pics. The developer plans to release as open source.

SMan. A handy tweaking tool. Most usefully provides the feature SonyEricsson have left out, ability to send multiple files over Bluetooth in one go. You'll have to navigate round the web page a bit to find it, unfortunately. Some source code is available, but there is no explicit license.

Makes a much nicer job of browsing than the built-in browser.

MobiPocket eBook Reader. Always neat to carry around reading material for the next time you're unexpectedly stuck in that airport.

And finally, be sure to upgrade your phone's firmware if it's not the latest. I took mine to a service centre (there'll be contact details for these in your P800's manuals) and got it upgraded from R1D to R2F. The things I noticed right away were that Bluetooth transfers were much quicker, and that stylus input seemed more responsive. One word of warning, though, the phone's memory gets wiped in the upgrade so don't forget to back up your data!

Got P800 or Symbian tips? Let us know.