My Precious! Schematron by Eric van der Vlist published

by Rick Jelliffe

A few people (this means you Trung!) have emailed me recently about more information in Schematron. Good news: Eric van der Vlist has just had a little PDFbook, in O'Reilly's Shortcuts series, on Schematron

It appears to feature Gollum on the cover, according Christophe Lauret :-)

Eric gave me the chance to comment on a draft (I like to do technical editing on one or two books a year, to keep my hand in), so I will be interested to see how it shaped up. I think Eric tackles pretty well that we are currently on a cusp, with some people using Schematron 1.5 and some moving on to ISO Schematron.


Kurt Cagle
2007-03-27 09:21:23
I waannttssss it! Baad Hobbitsesss and their schemaseessss.

2007-03-27 10:08:54
haha! lord of the .rng, xpaths of the dead and all that!
Rick Jelliffe
2007-03-28 05:22:15
Piers: :-) ROFL
Bob DuCharme
2007-03-28 19:01:50

I love the name assigned by the O'Reilly blogging software to your posting in the URL. It's Rick's precious Schematron, by Eric!

(I decided not to mention this at