My Security, Privacy, and Politics Course: The Second Edition

by Ming Chow

I will be teaching Security, Privacy, and Politics in the Computer Age again this spring semester at Tufts University through the Experimental College. I had great success the first time I taught the course. This time, I am reshuffling the syllabus with several major changes:

  • New sections for 2007:

    • Social Engineering

    • Databases and Data Security

    • Risk Management and Policy Framework

    • Software Insecurity

    • Secure Software Development

    • Regulatory Compliance

    • Digital Investigations and Forensics

    • Ethics

  • Deeper discussion of privacy

Also, students will be placed in groups to design two "secure" products, which will be 25% of the final grade.

As usual, all news, lectures notes, resources, and selected students' works will be online on the course website.