My Three Favorite Lightroom Questions at Book Passage Conference

by Mikkel Aaland

I'm back in the US and taking a short break from teaching at the 16th Annual Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers conference in Corte Madera, California. The attendees are great, and several of them are quite accomplished photographers. It's going to be easy to pick two winners of the photography contest to receive copies of Lightroom donated by Adobe.


Sean McCormack
2007-08-18 21:00:30
Feel free to invite me ;)

The portfolio idea is a very cool and useful tip Mikkel.

dan cedar
2007-08-19 00:54:24
not 200,000, but 50,000 to 100,000.
I'm sorry, but 50-100 thousand images is a huge difference - why say that if you wouldn't say 200,000?

I think it could handle any number in reality,as soon as they get the performance out of the gutter.
3mp jpegs on a 6month old computer take how many seconds to render 1:1 zooms?
In PSCS2, Picasa, everything else: <0.5 seconds.
In Lightroom: 5 seconds+

2007-08-19 08:54:54
Dan, computing power makes a HUGE difference. One of the conference attendee's was using an older Mac Powerbook (I think it was 1.4GHz) with only a few thousand images in a catalog and boy it dogged. Even using the Develop module to perform simple tonal changes was frustrating. But I'm using the new MacBook Pro (2.4GHz) and I'm not running into any speed bumps, albeit with only a few thousands images in a catalog.