Rivals under one roof - Integrating different IDE components together

by Hari K. Gottipati

Genuitec, the creator of MyEclipse integrates Matisse(well-known WYSIWYG Swing user-interface designer of NetBeans) functionality into MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench to enable the easy creation of Java rich client applications within the MyEclipse environment. Built on top of the Eclipse software development kit, MyEclipse 5.0 will have the Matisse4MyEclipse, an interface builder based on the NetBeans Matisse technology.

Its good to see the best-of-breed components under one roof. Whenever I switch my Java IDE, I tend to compare the IDE with other IDEs and I always feel that its missing some of the features. May be not any more, as MyEclipse proves the integration of the different components/features together in one IDE, I am sure soon we will see the IDE which is made out of the best components from different IDEs.

Apart from NetBeans Matisse, do you think any other best components that should be under one roof? I would like to see the IntelliJ IDEA's refactoring tool in Eclipse or NetBeans? Unfortunately IntelliJ IDEA is not a open source product to integrate with Eclipse/NetBeans, but IntelliJ can integrate the best components from Eclipse/NetBeans into their product. Being a commercial company I don't think they will integrate the open source components into their product. Don't you think so?