MyEclipse Tips

by Bill Siggelkow

I've long resisted MyEclipse; I always thought that I could assemble the Eclipse plug-ins myself. But after feeling a bit jealous watching some of my co-workers demonstrate the power of MyEclipse 4.0, I decided to take the plunge and hop on board the MyEclipse train, using it for development of Spring-Struts-Hibernate web application. It's gone pretty well, but I have run into a few issues.

Armed with Voodoo Pad (an awesome wiki-like tool for the Mac), I recorded the issues I encountered along with their solutions. Here's a short list from my first day's experience.

  • Don't use the MySQL 3.0.8 Connector/J driver. Instead use version 3.1.10. You will not be able to establish a connection in the DatabaseExplorer using the old driver.
  • If MyEclipse shows an error in your applicationContext.xml file, go into Project > Properties > MyEclipse-Spring. Remove the existing spring beans files; then add them back and it should resolve the issue.
  • Adding "Spring Capabilities" (as defined out-of-the-box) doesn't add the spring-hibernate.jar. You will need to add this file manually to your WEB-INF/lib.
  • If you do not specify the "class" for an element in your struts-config.xml (e.g. when you are using Spring's DelegatingRequestProcessor), the MyEclipse Struts designer will not automatically draw a line, representing a local forward, from the action to the JSP.
  • If using multiple related Spring configuration files (e.g. applicationContext.xml and action-servlet.xml) you must define those as a "Config Set" in your MyEclipse-Spring project properties; otherwise, MyEclipse will complain that it can find references between the files.

Overall, I am very pleased with MyEclipse; I have found it to be comparable to the Eclipse Web Tools Platform; plus it has built in support for Hibernate, Spring, and Struts. When you do run into problems, the MyEclipse forums are a great way to track down those pesky problems.

Feel free to add your own MyEclipse tips ...


2005-09-30 13:09:09
Configuring Spring jars with "Project Capabilities"
You can configure the jars that MyEclipse puts in your project when you add project capabilities by going to Window | Preferences | MyEclipse | Project Capabilities | Spring.

This might solve one of your problems.

2005-09-30 13:41:31
Configuring Spring jars with "Project Capabilities"
Yes, you are correct; and that certainly is the one to provide a fix for the problem. However, the default settings are a little out of whack. For example, the spring-sqlmaps.jar files for iBATIS do get added to your project.
Jens E
2006-05-03 12:32:07
Bill -
You can now also use MyEclipse for rich client content with NetBeans' Matisse with Matisse4MyEclipse - now in M1 release. Please let us know what you think.
Eclipse Swing UI Designer



2006-06-02 12:16:20
After adding plugins, I don't see any great deal of differences between Eclipse 3.1.2 and MyEclipse so I decided to uninstall myeclipse but while doing that it messed up Eclipse environment. Could anyone suggest solution to fix the "Unable to restore perspective - Workspace - Resource" problem? I appreciate that.

2006-06-13 01:13:44
i am working on struts. in the jsp pages content assist is not working. mean whenever i write like this