MySpace Steals BandSpace

by M. David Peterson

Update (May 30th, 2007): Thanks for all of your *enlightening* comments, everyone! But I think the time to kill this thread has long since come overdue..

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via Sylvain (thanks Sylvain!)

Mi2N - Music Industry News Network

With no advance notice or explanation, Baton Rouge indie rockers Bones have lost their long-established Myspace URL ( to the FOX Television show of the same name. Bones, the band, has used for nearly 2 years, racking up close to 20,000 profile views, over 21,000 song plays and over 2100 Myspace friends.

Apparently when they decided on the name MySpace, they really meant it!

NOTE: Apparently the band got it back, but as per my follow-up comment to Sylvain,

regardless of the fact they gave it back, it goes to show the mentality of the folks running the show at myspace...

NOTE-TO-WWW: Go get *YOUR OWN SPACE* (meaning, your own URI) and then link to it from whatever happens to be the latest "rage with the kids." If this proves nothing else, it proves that nothing belongs to you unless *YOU* maintain control of what it is used for. While technically speaking you only "own" your domain name if you continue to pay the yearly fees, @ $8.95 or less this shouldn't be problem for *ANYBODY* to maintain. Unless, of course, your band *REALLY* sucks. In that case maybe you should worry more about practicing than maintaining a web presence, but for $8.95 a year you would have to *REALLY*, *REALLY* suck, so while practice is still important, maintaining your own URI is *MORE* important.


2006-11-20 10:04:46
effin love it
2006-12-05 15:20:45
fuck you
M. David Peterson
2006-12-05 18:53:17

You're welcome. :)

2006-12-08 09:02:16
i cant stand not being able to check my myspace at school. it annoys the hell out of me. and this website didnt help me do it. i followed the instructions and it didnt help. thanks tho!
2006-12-11 14:38:54

2006-12-12 09:50:21
Hey baby whats going on??
2006-12-21 09:49:55
i really want to go to myspace to check mail and also to chat with friends. its fun when you're bored and also you'll have somehting to do.
2007-01-05 12:04:46
what it dew
2007-01-05 12:05:54
i dont to
2007-01-10 10:35:52
yo;; at my school we do everything on the computer.. i only have to be in school a total of 5 hours a week... but those 5 hours are extremely boring!! i need a myspace site i can go on at school that does have a i.i zer or pr.o .o.xx.x..yy or any of those words in it because my school will block it if it does... so yeah...

anyone got any ideaaas? =]

2007-01-11 12:06:03
yeahh so im trying to chk my myspace at school but this butt thing wont let me

go any suggestions?


janet peterson
2007-01-11 12:07:55
i need to check my myspace at school

2007-01-11 12:11:26
yeahh so im trying to chk my myspace at school but this butt thing wont let me

go any suggestions?


2007-01-18 08:29:19
2007-01-19 05:44:34
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2007-01-22 12:54:53
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2007-01-29 08:14:06
2007-01-29 12:05:33
sign up 4 look 4 and look at my pic
2007-01-31 09:40:12
sup people tell me how to get on myspace
2007-02-01 06:52:52
help us get on myspace in school
2007-02-08 08:06:38
does any body no a proxy so i can get on myspace??
2007-02-13 10:28:12
i want to use myspace on the school compters
2007-02-16 12:40:34
2007-02-23 13:40:41
how do u get on myspace at school when its block

2007-03-01 10:14:18
pleas unblock myspace 4 me
sexy red
2007-03-02 10:48:14
man it's so boring man im in calss chillin aint shit to do man what's reaally good
sexy red
2007-03-02 10:48:14
man it's so boring man im in calss chillin aint shit to do man what's reaally good
2007-03-06 08:19:12
i want to check my myspace from school because it always blocks it
2007-03-06 12:20:30
Kurt Cagle
2007-03-09 09:38:48
And if the comments are any indication here we get a real indication of what the "computer literate" populace of MySpace is REALLY like ... sigh.

2007-03-13 08:50:59
thanks you seem like a cool guy i hope you have fun doing more of this stuff
2007-03-14 10:12:14
me and andy have always been looking a way to go on myspace. our teacher, paisita, has not been to class for bout ..idk...anyways..we went to google and search 4 proxies..and guess wat!?.......................we got good news!...we couldnt find a proxy...but we saved thousands of dollars by switching to geico!


2007-03-15 08:20:42
yeh not interested trying to get myspace....but this stupid thing wont let me.
2007-03-15 11:10:51
do you kno any myspace websites to get around the school blocked pages?
2007-03-20 08:21:08
un blok it
hey friend
2007-03-20 09:39:32
I cant get myspace on this computerr...i tried everything nothing works -_- why !? and how do you go on firefox ? dont you havta buy it..or sumthin?
2007-03-20 10:53:50
how do u unblock myspace in school????
2007-03-23 07:53:50
How da fuck I'm suppose top get on myspace at scchool cause it use to be,www.unblockworld,,www.nonstopbrowsing man what da fuck its blockk...U can't have shit these motherfuckin' dayz
2007-03-26 08:02:35
i want to get on myspacse but lots of sites are blocked
2007-03-27 06:49:33
help me to get to myspace in school plz
2007-03-28 13:18:01
2007-04-11 08:05:00
i need a way into myspace so can you make a new website url proxy so i can access myspace
2007-04-11 09:53:59
i snort it, i love it, i live it, if it wasnt for myspace i would be a hooker on the streets, myspace saved my life, i love it!
I use to be a crack whore who ran the streets and i went to the nebraska public libary and found out about myspace and now im a addict, do they have a myspace rehab? i really need it, :) K THANK YOU!
my myspace is
2007-04-16 10:39:10
plz someone i need someone to help me get through, when evry way i know is blocked!! HELP!!!
2007-04-17 08:32:26
how do you unblock it at school?!??!
Jason Bartlow
2007-04-18 11:28:13
find a site to get on it @ school
2007-04-20 07:44:47
thats some bullshyt....
2007-04-20 09:31:41
yo anybody kno anyproxys that arent bessed?...
2007-04-24 08:07:19
how do you get to myspace from a school that blocks it!!!!!!!!asap!!!! sos!!!!!!! PLEASE
2007-04-24 11:28:28
yall some stupid ass bitchez