MySQL Clustering

by John Sequeira

MySQL Clustering v1.0 ...

only works if you can put all your data in RAM, according to O'Reilly's Andy Oram. That's a big limitation.

OTOH, he also mentions that there are commercial alternatives for MySQL clustering that don't have this limitation, like Emic's clustered MySQL.

If you don't need a true RAC-like single-system image, but can deal with a replicated solution, you can do what Sabre did for their MySQL cluster and choose a commercial replication solution.

Also via Jeremy Z, very cool slides on LiveJournal's progression from vanilla LAMP site running on rented h/w to fault-tolerant megasite

I have to say, I love case studies like this. They're great ammo if you need to pitch an open source alternative, or maybe just keep your Oracle rep honest.

Is MySQL clustering ready for prime-time?