MySQL Code, API, and Data Formats Are Open!

by Todd Ogasawara

OK, I know this is NOT the Inside MySQL blog area. But, MySQL is the "M" in both LAMP and WAMP. And, as one of the people who wasn't very happy by MySQL's decision to close source parts of the upcoming MySQL 6.0, I thought I should help spread the good news announced by MySQL's VP for Community Relations - Kaj Arnö:

MySQL Server is Open Source, even Backup extensions

His six main points are:

- MySQL Server is and will always remain fully functional and open source
- MySQL Connectors will be open source
- The main storage engines will be open source
- MySQL 6.0’s pending backup functionality will be open source
- The MyISAM driver for MySQL Backup will be open source, and
- The encryption and compression backup features will be open source

FYI: MySQL related blog posts on Port 25


2008-05-08 07:46:22
I thought "M"is "Microsoft" since the day they have buy out the oreillynet and start the port25 portal...