MySQL conference registration

by Andy Oram

Every couple years it's time to say, "Everything you thought you knew about MySQL has to change." Well, not everything; it still is (and always will be) the lovable, streamlined, easy-to-administer, web-friendly database it was known as from the start. But MySQL AB is aggressively branching out into new markets and domains, so they can surprise you.

For instance, when I saw the roll-out of MySQL Cluster at their 2004 conference, I (and most other observers) predicted it would be adopted in very limited markets and pose little threat to other clustering solutions, because it required all databases to be stored in RAM. I also assumed that eliminating this restriction and allowing on-disk storage would be too big a job to be worthwhile. Well, on-disk storage is reportedly part of MySQL 5.1.

The old choices for storage engines (which, few as they were, represented a good selling point for MySQL, because each storage engine offered advantages for particular applications) have suddenly burgeoned. The primacy of InnoDB is fading, while much excited debate and obsessive benchmarking is taking place around two new entrants, Falcon (from MySQL AB) and PrimeBase XT (PBXT) (an independent open source project).

Anyway, there are plenty of reasons--whether you're a current user of MySQL or just curious about what it could offer you--to register for the 2007 MySQL Conference & Expo, run in conjunction with O'Reilly. It's bound to be both fun and informative--if not, everything you thought you knew about MySQL (and O'Reilly) has to change.