MySQL Licensing

by Chris Shiflett

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It's been a week since he wrote this (I've been busy with, but Theo has written a nice testimonial about the problems developers are facing with MySQL's licensing.

Zak has been hosting an open license review recently. Hopefully good things will happen as a result. I encourage everyone to voice any concerns you have; MySQL AB seems very willing to listen and to try to resolve and/or clarify any legitimate concerns.


2004-02-11 03:39:00
GPL bites again
Strictly applied, which mySQL has always done towards any commercial venture..., ANY code you write that makes use of a GPL'd package (however small) MUST be GPL'd as well and be available as open source.

mySQL have in the past used that to force users of commercial operating systems (iow, anything but Linux) to use their commercial license only.
They've now eased up a bit and you can use their free version on Windows without paying but they will still bite you if you try what you are trying.

Better look out for another database engine that's released under an Apache-like license like Firebird (which is my favourite).
Firebird is not only easier to distribute, it's also got a smaller disk and memory footprint and better performance.
Plus if you want or need to you can (almost) seemlessly move over to Interbase which is the commercial stepbrother.