MySQL/PHP under OS X at MacWorld

by Scot Hacker

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The article I wrote for MacWorld a few months ago on setting up OS X for MySQL/PHP web development, "Serve It Up," was published in the November issue. There are actually two versions of the article - one on Jaguar, which is in print only, and another on 10.1.x, which is the one they ran online. Enough stuff changed between 10.1 and 10.2 that the online version won't quite work under Jaguar.

The topic is more technical than the typical MacWorld audience, so producing the piece turned out to be a real editing challenge. In fact, I probably did more round-robins with my editor than for anything I've ever written... a process that bordered on becoming a genuine pain in the ass but that was worth it in the end, even if some of it doesn't quite sound like me.

A few users new to the command line have reported some frustration, but overall, the response has been great so far.


2002-10-10 05:40:57
PostgreSQL and PyGreSQL
how about writing a quickie on how to get these to compile and work. i managed to get Postgres to compile (after deleting some IFDEFs in source) and run. PyGreSQL is quite another matter. it won't compile with Postgres because the libpython in Jag isn't a shared lib (i'm not sure how to compile a shared lib, it's not a configure option, though it will be in python 2.3). compiling PyGreSQL by itself doesn't work either. i can manage to get it to compile but the library it produces won't load in python. all this is fixed in the next major release of both programs, but i'd like to start using them sooner. :) can anyone help?
2002-10-11 06:44:37
article needs to use HTML entities
The HTML source fo the online version of the article shows it contains the line:
"In your blank document, type "
which of course does nor show up in the browser since the angle-bracketted stuff gets interpreted an hence ignored. It is necessary to use HTML entities (e.g. <) for the angle brackets.
2002-10-20 10:00:34
will the on-line version be updated?
Since the on-line version of your article doesn't include the fixes needed for 10.2, are there any plans to include them? Or do I have to buy the print version?
2002-10-20 19:34:56
POSTing data in phpMyAdmin
I have installed Apache, MySQL, and PHP. All appears to work fine, except when I try to POST data to a PHP script file (in phpMyAdmin). If I manually create a database and table in the Terminal, it works, and phpMyAdmin can read the data. But if I try to update the data or add new tables in phpMyAdmin, I cannot. I've narrowed down the problem to a failure in accepting POSTed data from the html form. Anyone else have this problem? If so, any solutions? Please email me your solution to johnvu-at-yahooSPAMMEDTOOMUCH dot com. Thanks.
2002-12-16 12:18:03
Great Article
I thought that the article in MacWorld was great. I was able to get my server up and running easily. I even learned some things about UNIX commands in the meanwhile. Thanks so much.