Mystery Star Wars Trailer for Mac Heads

by Derrick Story

Why does anyone care about Star Wars trailers on the Net?

Even if you're not a fan of the current trilogy, the Star Wars clips represent some of the finest QuickTime available on the Web. I use trailers as benchmarks to remind me what is possible, and compare other works to them.

The current "standard" trailer, "Breathing", is available from the Star Wars site hosted by Apple. It's a quality trailer, but there's not much story there ... just a series of scenes.

A couple days ago, scuttlebutt about a new Star Wars teaser that's only playable on Macs was making the rounds. The 1:18 minute, 12.8 MB download requires QT5. I tested the "Mystery" on a Win98 ThinkPad and a Mac OS X PowerBook. The verdict? It wouldn't play on my QT5-enabled ThinkPad, but worked perfectly on the Mac. It's a darn good trailer too with lots of story elements.

I've also heard about a third trailer that's available through Morpheus, but I haven't seen it yet. If you have, let me know what you think.

... Oh, here comes my boss; I'd better switch back over to the text editor now ...

Seems like there are three Star Wars trailers circulating on the Net right now. Do you know of any others?


2001-11-14 17:05:57
The "Mystery" trailer was intended by Lucas to be a perk for people who bought the DVD set. If you have the DVD in your computer, and head to, you can see it.

It can be viewed on PCs; in fact, the initial state of things was that it couldn't (like the other bonus PC material on the DVDs) be played on the Mac, even though it's a QuickTime movie.

Lucas released a version for Macs, though, and that must be what you're seeing. If you didn't need the DVD, it must have been hacked.

2005-03-10 21:34:11
Star Wars Episode 3 - Full Trailer

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