Namespaces diagram for Open XML

by Rick Jelliffe

Here is a little diagram showing the major modules (namespaces) used in the Ecma 376 Office Open XML schemas. (A member of a nation standards body's technical committee asked me if I had anything to help his review: the schemas are quite complex, with about 27 namespaces organized into about 86 different schema documents.)

Here is the diagram in ISO PDF/A format: Download file (Updated with namespace names and schema modules.)


2007-06-11 01:15:04
Thank you; that's very useful.

If you're able to, then what would be even more helpful is if you could add the namespace URIs, and standard namespace prefixes, to the diagram as well. Since none of the examples in the spec have namespace declarations, it's sometimes hard to tell which module they're referencing.

(Minor typo: compatability for compatibility)

Rick Jelliffe
2007-06-11 02:40:31
Inigo: I added some extra information about namespaces and modules, but not about prefixes. w, s, p, d and v are the most common, for wordprocessingml, spreadsheetml, presnetationml, drawingml and vml. Some of the namespaces are just used a shims, and are quite small.
2007-06-12 05:31:48
Thank you!
2007-06-12 22:05:22
I think it's good, but I cloudn't understand it.