Nanaimo BC puts the city on the map using Google Earth

by Glenn Letham

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The City of Nanaimo, British Columbia recently started using FME Suite's KML support to provide residents with access to some of its geographic information via Google Earth. Using FME Suite, the City's web site is providing KML links to visitors. KMLs include a virtual tour of the downtown core, 3D building models, and links to downtown businesses as well as orthophoto data for the Nanaimo region. We're pleased to take a closer look at these cool applications taking advantage of the latest API's made available from Google.

Kudos to the City of Nanaimo for being so proactive and for allowing their IT department and GIS crew to dabble with technology. Nanaimo has been a long-time "power" user of GIS and has some of the best online webmapping sites you'll find in BC or Canada for that matter!

Check out complete details, examples, and some screen shots of the app at

Do you have any leads on cool Google Earth implementations or sources of KMLs?