Navipod Remote for the iPod

by Hadley Stern

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One of the fun things about owning an iPod is all the great third-party gear that is out there to discover. A lot of companies have taken the zeitgeist of the iPod--fantastic design coupled with cutting-edge technology--and used it as a springboard for their own imaginations. The NaviPod is one such product. The Navipod comes with three pieces. The first you plug into the top of your iPod. It contains and IR remote receiver. The second part is the remote control itself, with Pause, Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Volume Up and Down buttons. The remote is a small circular disc, light, but not light enough that you'll lose it.

The third piece is stand that props your iPod up at the perfect angle for remote use and room presence. Plug the audio out jack on the NaviPod to your stereo and suddenly your home stereo and been iPodded. Perfect!

Do you own a NaviPod? What is your set-up like?


2004-05-24 12:53:00
The Stand
The stand looks like it could tip over easily. Have you had problems?
2004-05-24 13:03:27
tipping over
No, no problems with it tipping over. Of course I wouldn't use it in a car! But on top of my stereo receiver the iPod is nice and sturdy. The stand is made of some kind of metal--not plastic--so I think that helps.

You also don't need to use the stand, although without the stand the IR receiver on the iPod is not in an ideal position.

2004-05-24 15:57:48
My solution...
.. to a big problem in my house.

I have triplet infants. They sleep in the same room and I have an iPod with different Playlists for their enjoyment... or for going to sleep. Well, when I put some lullabies on for a nap or sleeping the night I don't want the iPod playing music the WHOLE night... but when I walked in the room to turn it off the floor was squeaking. One baby would wake up... then the next two. Not a pretty sight. :(
I bought the Navipod a few weeks ago. Now I can take the volume down or just turn it OFF from the corner of the door.
Pretty handy! And now my wife and I can sleep better! :)

2004-09-16 00:32:39
Range for the NAVIPOD
Hi...could you let me know what the range on the Navipod unit is? How far can you be from the iPod for it to work.