Navteq puts users in control of Map updates (think Google Maps)

by Glenn Letham

Ever wondered how Navteq keeps all that data up to date so you can make the most of those popular and useful Google Maps? In addition to a number of crews constantly driving the streets, adding POI information, recording attributes, making corrections etc... there's also a very cool online application that lets YOU report incorrect or missing information - The Navteq Map Reporter


2007-01-17 01:09:36
Well well, looks like Navteq is copying their No.1 competitor Tele Atlas ...
Tele Atlas Introduces Online Map Feedback Tool - August 28, 2006
anjan bacchu
2007-01-22 16:26:22
thanks for the tip.

I reported an error just now. I wish other high profile bloggers report about this.


anjan bacchu
2007-01-22 16:27:43

Well, It's about time all of the map producers had this. Why didn't they do it earlier ?

How come, even now, they don't make a big deal of the tools ? How come google maps(substitute your own service) does NOT publicize it ?