Neat Automator actions of the week

by Giles Turnbull

Here's a couple of Automator actions I've discovered lurking on the interwebs recently. Both of them - like many third-party actions around - offer something incredibly useful and oddly missing from Automator's default actions list.

First off there's Play Sound, a simple action that, um, plays sounds you feed into it. I thought it might be useful as an instant MP3 file player, although feeding a half-hour BBC radio show into it caused a little bit of runaway CPU. Still, useful to have around.

Another neat little action is Upload to FTP, which, um, uploads stuff to an FTP server.


It comes with a selection of useful workflows, including one for auto re-sizing selected images and uploading them to a server. Another workflow performs basic backup functions.

If you've found a neat Automator action or workflow recently, do mention it in the comments.


2006-04-26 16:17:32
The FTP action could be quite handy for a workflow I'm refining at the moment. Thanks for the lead!
2006-04-27 02:36:14
Wow that´s really interesting, that there seems to be a lack of interest on the web about automator. I mean in comparison to Dashboard Automator has gotten really very little attention. In fact, I haven´t downloaded a sinlge workflow myself...
2006-04-29 08:11:47
I have to admit my interest in Automator peaked fairly quickly. However, I do still use one of the workflows I wrote at least on a weekly basis, every time I add podcasts to my iPod. Other than that, though, I just haven't found any great uses for Automator.