Need a job? They are plentiful.

by Nathaniel S. H. Brown

With my recent sense of decline in hype within the Rails world, this would lead one to believe that Ruby on Rails is losing its traction and companies have slowed down when it comes adopting the technology as their choice of tool for building web application.

This simply is not true. Case and point, take a peek at the recently launched Working with Rails resource indexing the worlds Ruby and Rails developers. I came across this site earlier this week and instantly signed up to recommend fellow Rubyists.

At the time of writing this post, I note the stats on the main page stating "5856 developers from 87 different countries". What's even more impressive is that this site launched 18 days ago.

On a similar note, I did a presentation at a local development association called VanDev on AJAX and Ruby on Rails JavaScript Templates (RJS) last Wednesday, and I was asked during the Q&A commencing the 20 minute talk "Who uses Ruby on Rails" as to get to the bottom line of which company can I take the word of that Ruby on Rails is a great choice of technology to get to know.

I came across another site called HappyCodr which indexes all the websites using Ruby on Rails. This is by any measure a direct connection with how many developers have been contributing to the collective force of not only Rails developers as a whole who are building these sites, but also the companies (such as Amazon) and investment of individuals and venture capitalists who are backing Ruby on Rails as their preferred technology when building their next big application.

When it comes to finding a job, looking to be the one behind the scenes that makes these projects happen. The above tools are great, but the most impressive would have to be RubyNow's resource of job postings specifically geared to those with Ruby and Rails expertise. I have seen a constant stream since I signed up for the site of approximately 3-10 jobs per day, mostly seeded from North America.

Another great resource to find a job is the infamous Craigs List. Nearly every major city in the world has their own site, each bleeding with opportunities for Rails developers. Simply find your local area, and click on the main link titled "Jobs" and type "Rails" or "Ruby" or any combination thereof, and you will be suprised to see even more companies looking to hire.

I like many others in the industry, am always on the lookout for quality opportunities such as the ones found on the sites above. If you have a site which you find that is overwealming you with opportunities, please share alike and leave a comment with the URL for others to help turn what may be their moonlight technology into their full time pleasure.


2006-12-10 08:51:40
What I don't understand with the "Working with Rails" site is why it says 5856 developers on the home page.

When you look at the countries page and count up the number of developers by country the number comes up to only 2148.

2006-12-11 13:22:03
Also, they screen-scraped most of those developers to start with, so the 5,000 figure might not be an accurate representation of the actual number of active users.
2006-12-21 10:51:14
Don't forget RubyRockstars, They seem to have a few job postings that RubyNow doesn't have.
stacy williams
2007-01-16 21:09:59 looking for we look can work for our company i n usa only

2007-01-24 11:39:26
The key is to not choose a technology/language and find a job, but rather have an array of technologies and have the jobs find you.
Rob Jones
2007-01-25 13:18:59
Check out brought to you by HotLinuxJobs the leading Linux / Open Source recruiting firm.
2007-09-27 05:16:58
Choosing a job is a serious thing.
2007-12-07 12:18:13
A new spot that reminds me alot of CL is I was really impressed with the sites features. It definitely seems like CL in terms of the free for all portion, however, they are way different becuase it is only for jobs and the site itself is really sick. They did a bunch of cool stuff like added video resume.