Need an SSH client?

by Jacek Artymiak

SSH and OpenSSH are essential security tools for today's communications. The widespread use of wireless networks that require authorization via authpf means that you need to run an SSH client on every machine you connect to such networks.

Here's a list of places to get you started:

  • Microsoft Windows: PuTTY

  • Microsoft Windows: Other SSH clients

  • Mac OS X: you have the Terminal (Macintosh HD::Appl
    ications::Utilities), use command-line SSH tools from there.

  • Mac OS X: don't like the command line? Maybe JellyfiSSH will be the thing?

  • Mac OS 9: MacSSH

  • Palm OS: pssh

  • Pocket PC: PocketPuTTY

  • Microsoft Windows CE: OpenSSH CE

What's your favorite SSH client? Names and URLs are welcome.


2004-12-03 08:21:09
PuTTY's not just for Windows
Just for completeness' sake:

PuTTY is not just for Windows. According to its homepage, PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms.

2004-12-05 08:40:46
putty for symbian phones too.
There's also a version of putty for the Symbian OS - works fine on my Nokia series 60 phone.
2006-01-24 20:31:05
AbsoluteTelnet from Celestial Software offers telnet, ssh1, ssh2, serial COMS, and modem dialup.

It includes Port Forwarding, X11 forwarding, zmodem, xterm, wyse60, qnx, vt100, etc...

Try it free for 30 days: