Neil Young at JavaOne

by Tim O'Brien

Participated in a Q+A session after yesterday's keynote. Sat down with Neil Young, Larry Johnson, some Sun executives, and a small group of reporters including Tim O'Reilly. Young and Johnson struck me as animated and excited about both the archive project and the electric car (more below). Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb also covered the Q+A session on ReadWriteWeb. Here are my informal impressions / quotes from the meeting. Read on for quotes and details...


2008-05-11 16:49:14
I worked with Larry and Neil starting in 1970 with the CSNY tour and continued on until 1985 when I realized I needed a life. Every project we did pushed the envelope. Neil and Larry along with Mulligan, Briggs, Bernstein, etc. are tech wizards and not afraid of anything.