Neil Young & the cool stuff

by Shashank Tiwari

Last year JavaOne got the UN guy and was trying to eradicate poverty; this year they got Neil Young and were showing off the cool stuff. CNET blogger Dan Farber has a good write-up and the video that tells you all about Neil Young's appearance at JavaOne. Read it from the source. I will avoid repeating it.

The good part of this year's showoff is that Blu Ray and BD-J are cool in reality and they do what they promise. It's not poverty eradication, its higher resolution and better interactivity and better digital archiving so I guess its more achieveable ! If you know nothing about Blu Ray or are confused on the value it adds then maybe you will benefit from seeing Sun's Webcast on Blu Ray and browsing hdcookbook.

With the web continuously morphing into the read-write digital media network, applications becoming increasing interactive and the dividing line between business applications and entertainment getting twisted if not necessairly blurred, its not far when quite a few Java developers may use technologies like BD-J to write their applications. To some of the so called -- "enterprise developers" -- this may seem alien and surely we are not talking about universal applicability of this technology, but don't be surprised if such stuff starts creeping into your realm too.

The moral of the story (for Java developers) -- "Start becoming cool, if you aren't already !"
The question (for Sun) -- "Is coolness directly proportional to increase in revenue?"
A request (to Google and Steve Jobs) -- "Please stop driving everybody up the wall."
A word (to the users) -- "You are loving it :)"
A word (to speakers and event organizers) -- "Start making friends with rock stars"