.NET Beta 1 to Beta 2 Migration Links

by Brian Jepson

It's been a while since .NET Beta 2 arrived on the scene, and no doubt many early adopters have already migrated their Beta 1 code over to Beta 2. For those of you who haven't, I've compiled a list of articles on the topic.

Howard on Beta 2 to Beta 2 migration

Rob is a Program Manager on the .NET Framework team. In this article,
he discusses changes that affect ADO.NET, ASP.NET configuration files,
and web services.

Transitions to New Beta by James Culshaw

In this article, James describes the changes to ADO.NET in Beta 2.
The examples in the article show how to connect to an Access
database, transactions, and the OleDbCommand object.

Migrating ADO.NET Code by James Culshaw
James describes some of the changes you need to make in your ADO.NET
code to get it to work with Beta 2.

Beta 1 to Beta 2 Changes
This is actually a local file on your system. If you installed
Visual Studio.NET or the .NET Framework Beta 2, this file should
be available. You might have to change the drive letter if your
system drive is not C:

ADO.NET 1: Namespaces and Classes
Mahesh Chand writes about the changes in the ADO.NET API.

Eraserver.net Beta 1 to Beta 2 difference library
This is a collection of differences between the Beta 1 and Beta 2
quickstart tutorials. The differences show the lines of code that
changed as well as a little bit of surrounding context.

Top 10 Changes in C# Beta 2
Michael Lane Thomas writes about 10 significant features added to C#
in Beta 2.

Ten Syntax Changes in VB.NET Beta 2
Francesco Balena writes about 10 changes that happened to VB.NET between
Beta 1 and 2.

An Exciting Time
Rob Howard writes about major changes in ASP.NET between Beta 1 and 2.

Those are all the articles I've catalogued so far - if you know of others,
please send them my way!